Indexing Sentence Examples | Use Indexing in a sentence

1.there are many factors that affect search Indexing and ranking.

2.i will demonstrate this later when discussing the specifics of Indexing and searching with lucene and solr.

3.research and application of clustering algorithm in image Indexing

4.we also cover some tips to help you optimize view Indexing and agents.

5.other services, like security and Indexing, must be provided at the application level.

6.i agreed to this proposition because the fundamental principles of citation Indexing and analysis have not changed.

7.enable or disable full-text Indexing on a table.

8.thus, iterating over the elements in a list is typically preferable to Indexing through it if the caller does not know the implementation.

9.initially, hash Indexing was developed to support fast searches in files in the file system.

10.Indexing a database can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive activity.

11.researches of chinese fulltext search technologies based on word Indexing is related to many fields. inventory of abstracting Indexing services and systems;

13.check whether or not implementing incremental Indexing is possible.

14.accurate estimate of data distribution and efficient partition of data space are the key problems in high-dimensional Indexing schemes. order to raise the retrieval efficiency, we provide a two-level corpus Indexing method.

16.analysis, Indexing and retrieval of video information is one of the difficult and hot spots in multimedia information retrieval.

17.he said that the company enters into multi-year contracts with suppliers, with price Indexing to manage cost increases. for external taxonomies ( Indexing systems) for classification of business processes and functions.

19.Indexing puts significant load on the operation of the batch report service to retrieve both metadata and data.

20.each catalog can serve the Indexing needs of one or more tables within a database.

21.this paper presented a method for video Indexing of content-based.

22.fingerprint classification provides Indexing mechanism for a large fingerprint database.

23.the first problem is Indexing the application data.

24.the whole idea of Indexing and diversification is to avoid trying to pick winners and losers.

25.they use this type of Indexing because term-based search algorithms are well established and relatively easy to understand and implement.

26.use this page to grant or revoke access to the search and Indexing resources on the parent portal.

27.the search terms in a full-text search query are analyzed similarly to the analysis done during the Indexing process. will collect data for Indexing and pass this information to the index data service for storage.

29.entropy is the basis of a standard Indexing strategy for images and is often calculated automatically when they are put into a database.

30.Indexing in a way that provides relevance to the search is going to be key to these intranet search companies.

31.hinting adds Indexing and other information necessary for streaming of the content by the server.

32.lucene's powerful apis focus mainly on text Indexing and searching.

33.autostart application that optimizes document searches by Indexing local and remote drives.

34.we were exploring new data sources which none of our competitors were Indexing and amazon s3 was one of those.

35.records classification and Indexing system

36.looking at a few stems, the collection does not look all that useful for Indexing.

37.this parameter also affects the Indexing performance.

38.this type of coordinate Indexing is said to be manually operated, since the recording of the accession number onto the features card is done by hand. the top, you're either pumping data into your search application (Indexing) or pulling data out of it (searching).

40.i demonstrated solr's basic functionality, including Indexing, searching, and browsing, and also introduced the solr schema and explained its role in configuring solr functionality.