Indexical Sentence Examples | Use Indexical in a sentence

1.when searching, query requests were forwarded to the peers with similar interest directly according to the interest Indexical table.

2.some conclusions on Indexical graphs

3.the discussion on Indexical strategy of full-text database in university libraries

4.the Indexical content and it's frame with prospect.

5.offering an Indexical relationship to its own location it's not about the neighbors also uncovers new questions about presenting contemporary art in public contexts.

6.these are true effects of his actions within the specific context of production& Indexical signs of the painting at hand and of how the medium operates. terms of the visual content, same as commercials, chinese print psas are dominated by iconic and Indexical visual signs and predominated by visual metaphors and metonyms.

8.the historical data are used to build case base, while a clustering algorithm is selected to create Indexical structure. then similar cases are searched in two steps, which are modified to become the predictive values.

9.Indexical expression falls into five kinds: personal Indexical expression, time Indexical expression, spatial Indexical expression, textual Indexical expression and honorifics.

10.studies on the construction and application of an Indexical system for evaluation of the key subject construction in military clinical medical colleges

11.finally, the present study explores several major types of pragmatic reasoning: Indexical reasoning, implicit reasoning and prepositional reasoning.

12.the third chapter focuses on the analysis of images of non-verbal signs in international exhibition profiles: applying semiotic theories to the analysis of Indexical and iconic functions, symbolic and connotative values and rhetorical power of non-verbal signs.

13.this Indexical evaluation system has good practicability and maneuverability in the study.

14.characteristics of Indexical function and its application

15.however, the outdated Indexical connotations also lead to the sharp differences in the statistics of each university.

16.the Indexical evaluation system on quality of medical care in medical detection department was established and discussed in this study and certain achievement also made in this study.

17.a good translation is a text that has at best an iconic relationship with the original text, then, if not possible, an Indexical relationship, or at least, a symbolic relationship.

18.on cognition of Indexical expression

19.the Indexical evaluation system on quality of medical care in medical detection department was established.

20.establishment of Indexical evaluation system of quality of medical care in medical detection department of big military hospital Indexical approach to the transition of economic increase mode of ningbo

22.the demonstrative system and Indexical category of the chongming dialect

23.intension is an important notion in pragmatics, for many Indexical expressions, the determination of their extensions depends on the intensions of their components.'s seems this part of the ancient text was Indexical in nature! of Indexical expressions in russian

26.for analyzing Indexical factors of the news review, system-functional grammar is used in this paper to study the information structure function of the news review.