Indexed Sentence Examples | Use Indexed in a sentence

1.once you estimate the size of your web site, you're ready to find out how much of it is Indexed.

2.relational databases can also be Indexed for faster and more flexible search.

3.this is the address of the site directory to be Indexed.

4.if it has your template and navigation from the rest of the site it will get Indexed like a normal page.

5.users can search Indexed files for specific words or characters.

6.cached state can optionally be Indexed, allowing the entire grid to be searched.

7.she's Indexed the book by author, by age, and by illustrator.

8.the jobs table can then be Indexed by student id, and retrieval of every job worked can be completed in an orderly and efficient way.

9.minimum pensions and wages are to be Indexed to inflation.

10.indexers do not have to be Indexed by an integer value; it is up to you how to define the specific look-up mechanism.

11.the list interface provides four methods for positional ( Indexed) access to list elements. Indexed drives or folders.

13.the lexicographical order on the cartesian product of a set of totally ordered sets Indexed by an ordinal, is itself a total order.

14.both sets of columns may be Indexed, but by different indexes.

15.joins work fastest if the columns in the join condition have been Indexed. fonts can be seen and Indexed by search engines too!

17.if you do not want all the resources on your web site to be Indexed by automatic tools, say so in a robots. txt file.

18.instances are Indexed on a combination of path and user name.

19.if the content is Indexed, then the application can search it.

20.painters and sculptors are Indexed separately

21.steam files that contain plain text or rich text can be Indexed and searched. can improve performance if columns involved in order by and group by are Indexed.

23.the index data service provides basic full-text functions for storage and retrieval of terms and Indexed summary documents.

24.features of each image, such as hair and eye color, would be automatically Indexed and cataloged.

25.a table containing interrupt vectors and Indexed by interrupt type.

26.this vast archive has been Indexed and made accessible to researchers

27.Indexed properties, methods, and constructors are allowed to be overloaded; fields and events must not be overloaded.

28.the book is Indexed and appendixed.

29.that is, it's an unordered container, Indexed by strings rather than integers. is this binary representation that is used in the index entry when a number column is Indexed.

31.each box can then be given a number and Indexed onto the document.

32.however, the variable is still treated as a variable and is accessed as such, typically using some form of Indexed addressing.

33.the xml object information contains the location information for the Indexed object. the example above, the script pointed to some c source code and it Indexed five source files.

35.for example, an xml document can be Indexed in either the format xml or format text.

36.provide fairshare with an rss feed of your content and the service will compare it to billions of Indexed pages around the web.

37.query does not reference the full-text Indexed table.

38.the processing procedures are introduced, and the method of using dual Indexed table is presented.

39.indexers permit a default property on a type to be Indexed as if the type were an array. also alleviates the requirement of a directory that is full-text Indexed.