Indestructible Sentence Examples | Use Indestructible in a sentence

1.general of the chinese nation just like the great wall of steel Indestructible!

2.did you think i was, didn't you know i'm Indestructible?

3.that Indestructible, inward effrontery in the meagre fellow was what made men so down on michaelis. human beings, we are not Indestructible. family members become ill.

5.scientists are confident that all matter is Indestructible.

6.things like the platonic form are eternal, and their eternal changeless, Indestructible because they are simple.

7.feel the Indestructible force within you, it is there forever.

8.this type of plastic is almost Indestructible.

9.thus the soul is shown to be immortal, and since immortal, Indestructible. . . do we believe there is such a thing as death? to be sure. expresses the notion that matter is Indestructible.

11.the human spirit is virtually Indestructible york city, the seemingly Indestructible foundation of the nation's luxury property market, has this year begun to shown signs of strain.

13.but what socrates actually says is his actual conclusion is so the soul is Indestructible or nearly so.

14.don't get me wrong, i am glad they don't, but they're basically Indestructible.

15.didn't you know i was Indestructible?

16.since the candy doesn't melt and is "practically Indestructible" during transit, it was the perfect food to ship overseas to the troops.

17.but lingering questions about what might have sunk the seemingly Indestructible ship never completely disappeared.

18.this cardioid condenser microphone defines classic style and elegance in its seemingly Indestructible protective screening. this moment of your history you are witnessing the breakdown of many institutions that you thought were untouchable and Indestructible.

20.we're Indestructible, aren't we, you and me?

21.someone dies, and a little trickle of Indestructible keepsakes appears, to swell the flood. is the old game of hammer and anvil: between them the patient iron is forged into an Indestructible whole, an "individual. "

23.a love that is allowed to adapt to new circumstances is virtually Indestructible. know that Indestructible black box that is used on airplanes?

25.beneath the water they might be stronger, more Indestructible than resistant oak trees are on land.

26.the harpy said if i lived with her long enough i'd become Indestructible.

27.the law of conservation and transformation of energy states that energy is Indestructible and the total amount of energy in the universe is constant.

28.during the next twenty years, the vast majority will inevitably die, and the rest becomes almost Indestructible.

29.they build it to be Indestructible.

30.this fully testifies to the Indestructible strength of this independent national spirit of the chinese people.

31.i now live with furniture and objects that are either virtually Indestructible or easily replaceable. a result, running into a simple and valuable position, hold the Indestructible force that is always ahead of courage and faith.

33.these are the planks of his model, that matter is composed of atoms that are indivisible and Indestructible.

34.your physical self can experience harm and death but the soul is Indestructible, and goes on forever.

35.molded plastic is almost Indestructible, but scuffs easily.

36.wait, you made her Indestructible?

37.the result is ageless, almost Indestructible furniture, which contributes to the home comfort of generations of users.

38.they are imperishable and Indestructible and thus eternal. Indestructible permanent can be removed from the game, returned to a player's hand, put into a graveyard, or sacrificed.