Incubator Sentence Examples | Use Incubator in a sentence

1.long before the territory became known as a world class financial centre, it was an Incubator of entrepreneurship home-grown, local variety.

2.smf will become the regional technical center and talent Incubator, providing people development and career opportunities.

3.the most important criterion in the selection of an Incubator is the help and resources that it can provide, and this depends on the management team and staff of the Incubator.

4.the eggs are hatched in an Incubator.

5.but spano managed to turn the orchestra into a world-class ensemble as well as an Incubator for new american music.

6.evaluation index system of science and technology enterprise Incubator

7.fields reached into the Incubator, extracted one of the pink petri dishes and slid it beneath a microscope. "have a peek, " he said quietly., shenzhen is the technology Incubator for china.

9.he added that the Incubator "will want an entrepreneur to come up with an idea, but that's not always the case. "

10.this old Incubator's gone bad

11.the Incubator just gets you through the door and may coach you on what to say as you walk through.

12.meanwhile, the Incubator and risk investment are dialectical and unified in coordination with the relation; day, a teacher took his pupils to a chicken farm to pay a visit. when they came near the Incubator, chick just got out of its egg shell.

14.according to the development of enterprise Incubator, people pay more attention to it.

15.the Incubator project lets you hash out your ideas and get feedback and help from other volunteers. and technology business Incubator is pushing urban industry upgrade by incubating science and technology smes.

17.this is the first time the city transport Incubator and ventilator to help critically ill newborns transferred.

18.she also gave me ten goose eggs for the Incubator. the moment the company receives support from a business Incubator - the stavropol state agrarian university.

20.farms where animals are reared intensively also provide an Incubator for drug-resistant diseases.

21.theoretical analysis on operational mechanism of agricultural business Incubator in china

22.we have some exciting work going on currently in the pde Incubator.

23.our company could have been labelled an Incubator, which is apparently different from an accelerator.

24.meanwhile, openejb must make at least one release as part of the Incubator process.

25.therefore, we should actively develop the promotion college system of markets, government, schools and Incubator.

26.shiro is a framework in the apache Incubator that lets you add authentication and authorization to your applications. fact, the Incubator itself is amazing, like most of the mother's womb. of Incubator manager and management team with staffs of incubating enterprises can promote growth performance of incubating enterprises. is an effective Incubator and testing ground for ideas. would be neither a venture capital fund nor a start-up Incubator such as bill gross's idealab in pasadena, but a bit of both.

31.research on development strategy of jinan high-tech business Incubator the management of business Incubator and venture capital ′ s cooperation, there is asymmetric information, entrepreneur has more internal information than Incubator and venture capital.

33.we set up a lab in a tent with all the equipment and the chicks fully hatched out in an Incubator.

34.the Incubator programme was also pivotal.

35.eggs can be incubated by the female or artificially in an Incubator.

36.apply to4 ℃ cold chamber or60 ℃ Incubator with relative humidity of80%. has shown promise recently both as an Incubator and as a service centre for european high-tech start-ups. the Incubator temperature control system with large time delay and nonlinearity, conventional pid control parameters tuning difficult.

39.the apache project, called derby, is an Incubator project.

40.however, the irradiance did not correlate with the age of the Incubator.