Increscent Sentence Examples | Use Increscent in a sentence

1.a distinct current peak of anodic polarization curve emerged due to the pitting corrosion and the cracking of the passivating film correlated to microbe. passivation current is Increscent and the passivation section moves toward negative.

2.the growth is gradually Increscent, the speed of growth rate is sometime soon or sometime slow, and is daily gradually decrease; ( 3) average weight were increased 494.4%, daily growth rate were 7.4%;

3.the ultimate load is increasing because the tension-compression ratio of the steel is Increscent.

4.with the emergence of high-performance microprocessor, high-speed network and the Increscent demand of computing power, cluster of computer with cheap hardware and software is more and more used by users, which brings the quick development of cluster technologies.

5.with the rapid economic growth in china and the fast wealth Increscent in chinese family, financial planning has become one of the most popular topics in chinese financial market.

6.the variety yt91/ 976, which grew fast and recorded the highest cane yield, showed the Increscent acid invertase activity in the leaves at the early growth stage.

7.methods inducing at with programmable and graded Increscent stimulant, mapping the earliest atrial activation ( eaa) with one or two big-tip ablation electrodes during at.

8.with the increase of the difference in lip and shaft diameter, the maximum contact pressure has a trend of increase by degrees, the Increscent scope of the small oil seal are more remarkable. experienced survival development in primitive and agricultural civilizations, Increscent development in industrial civilization and sustained development in the early stage of industrial civilization.

10.thermal loss will reduce the energy transfer efficiency along the Increscent power.

11.Increscent performance increases stock index

12.the postprandial proximal gastric area of fd group instantly was shrunken and that at other time was Increscent compared with that of hs group, but that after treatment was shrunken.

13.posterior tilt angle was Increscent and part epiphyseal line was narrow inside and wide outside for 7 cases.

14.from the estuary to the open-sea, the trend of the content of cr and hg is Increscent.

15.the level of athletic abilities is increased with the Increscent of the training years. the recent years, the continuous Increscent power demand has brought on the augment of system capacity and the interconnection of electrical networks. its span increases, when the arch ribs are conveyed is also Increscent, the difficulty of conveying increases. and the load reaction of structure is more complex; the stabilization is very important to the structure during construction loading.

18.arrive gravid and terminal, Increscent uterus and fetal show an oppressive rectum first, also can cause defecate difficulty.

19.the Increscent spectral width decreases the spectral beam combining efficiency.