Incomprehension Sentence Examples | Use Incomprehension in a sentence

1.but at least "mutual Incomprehension" can no longer be offered as an excuse for failure.

2.linda is the owner of one of the world's more intact psyches, with an Incomprehension for depression and a self-esteem that has never even considered being anything but high.

3.a young woman, so confused she appeared to be blind, gazes in Incomprehension around a field strewn with debris and fallen branches.

4.the Incomprehension between the two men was mutual.

5.the talent and enjoyment drive a virtuous cycle that pushes them to feats others simply shake their heads at, admiration mixed with no small amount of Incomprehension.

6.i came up against a wall of Incomprehension when i tried to explain the harassment problem to my boss. challenge these ideas is to invite blank stares of Incomprehension – you might as well be telling a physicist that gravity does not exist.

8.he went on staring in Incomprehension.

9.her explanations were met with blank Incomprehension.

10.many people in the homeland are Incomprehension of this system, which causes the confusion of the theories and the practice to that system.

11.rosie had a look of Incomprehension on her face.

12.however, there are some censures about the development of eucalyptus for the Incomprehension of the eucalyptus habitat.

13.he describes the dazed Incomprehension of those who came of age during the boom and who now do not know how to cope with a slump. this six yuan of forty cents, i have an Incomprehension armful.

15.i think that is as a result of their Incomprehension of chinese culture and i'm supposed to tell them how china looks like as an exchange student who comes from china.

16.she welcomed him with all her white teeth, and answering his enquiries by a head-shake of Incomprehension led him through the narrow hall into a low firelit drawing-room.

17.the audience reacted with surprise and Incomprehension.

18.the wall, and the sense of Incomprehension that goes with it, also stands as a metaphor for global investors' current worries.

19.anna read the letter with Incomprehension. recent years, price wars are getting more and more severely in many industries in china, which not only reflects the severity of the market competition in these industries, but also relates to the Incomprehension of firms in the principles and strategies of price competition.

21.yet, the chances are that our own descendants will ask the same question, with the same Incomprehension, about some of our practices today.

22.oh, use your loaf! i shouted, his Incomprehension was beginning to get me down.

23.i recognized the blank, resentful stare of Incomprehension in her eyes, and the selfish, hard set of the corners of her mouth.

24.i was aghast at the Incomprehension of our leadership.

25.i recognized the blank, resentful stare of Incomprehension in her eyes.

26.meeting blank Incomprehension, the policeman wrote$ 10 into the sand with a stick.

27.but the sense of Incomprehension that kapuscinski described half a century ago still persists.

28.not surprisingly, the cpa and the igc viewed one another with mistrust and not a little Incomprehension .

29.and yet it is governed by mutual Incomprehension.

30.the reaction, especially in morocco, which had never asked to join, was one of bemused Incomprehension. the british response to imperial collapse, there was also a kind of guilt-people did feel that perhaps they deserved it: both through the sins of their colonial fathers and their wilful Incomprehension.

32.some doubts and Incomprehension in the course of investigating into the crime directly show the defects in the legislation on smuggling. the course of chinese language acquisition for foreign students, they always make some tactless expressions because of their Incomprehension of chinese culture and thinking mode.