Incineration Sentence Examples | Use Incineration in a sentence

1.flue gas cleaning system and relevant standards of msw Incineration plants on technology of performance testing for facilities of hazardous waste Incineration

3.he introduced a system of sanitation, extending from fly control to Incineration.

4.the effects of gas flow rate, combustion temperature and different ratios of steam on chlorine removal from medical wastes were examined on medical wastes Incineration process.

5.Incineration plants should be built to burn household waste

6.very few plants have provisions for the separate disposal of grease to scavengers or by Incineration.

7.combustion optimization for municipal solid waste ( msw) Incineration was performed with the support of cfd.

8.the research and implementation of the control system for Incineration of medical wastes

9.proper Incineration of contaminated material is the best available method of preventing and controlling exposure to dioxins.

10.Incineration could save up to a gigatonne of emissions if widely adopted, says covanta's boss, anthony orlando.

11.solid waste Incineration technique has been widely used for its entire disposal, heat energy recycle and metal recycle.

12.with the continuous improvement of technology and innovation, garbage Incineration power generation has a broad development prospects.

13.however, a customs spokeswoman said the agency's port directors lack the authority to permit in Incineration.

14.method: put the polluted soil to the high-temperature incinerator for Incineration disposal of the organic substances containing chlorine.

15.development analysis and suggestions for domestic waste Incineration treatment technology

16.the other problem with some waste to energy technologies is that Incineration can be polluting.

17.rubbish Incineration is an effective way to realize harmlessness, reduction and resource utilization.

18.such material needs to be treated as hazardous waste and is best destroyed by high temperature Incineration. application, burying in deserted soil, Incineration and dumping inside the sea are the main four sewage sludge disposal methods.

20.sharps will be disposed of in the small sharps container. the sharps container will be also be placed in a gray Incineration bin.

21.these include Incineration, placement in a sanitary landfill, and incorporation into as a fertilizer or soil conditioner.

22.there are three basic processing methods for plastics packaging waste: landfill, Incineration, and recovery and reuse.

23.keywords: strategy, sustainability, reuse, landfill, Incineration, agricultural application, melting.

24.poisoning and pollution by toxic elements or compounds, such as mercury or dioxins that are released during Incineration.

25.both of whom witnessed the Incineration of the drugs and the mixing agents.

26.projects involving nuclear energy, large-scale hydro-electric power and waste Incineration do not contribute to sustainability. the plastics litter in the system of garbage disposal the first disposal method is Incineration, burying is the last method. high Incineration temperature, background absorption is reduced, and interference is eliminated.

29.experimental research on harmless technology of municipal solid waste Incineration with direct gasification and ash melting; the refuse Incineration process, the stability of Incineration is always influenced strongly the heating value of refuse.

31.a study on zero discharge process of wastewater from hazardous waste Incineration system

32.principles and application of automatic combustion control system in domestic waste Incineration plants has led to a 9% increase in Incineration at waste Incineration plants with energy recovery and an 8% increase in recycling.

34.nowadays Incineration is gradually being used to dispose municipal solid waste ( msw) in china. and clean system in medical waste Incineration treatment

36.sludge Incineration is a frequently employed disposed method.

37.experiment of sewage sludge Incineration was performed in melting furnace.

38.philip morris finland said the Incineration resulted in a significant financial loss for the company.

39.concerning the example given by the interviewee, local residents' objections to waste Incineration projects tend to be well-founded.

40.a number of actions are being considered internationally to reduce the production of dioxins during Incineration and manufacturing processes.