Incinerated Sentence Examples | Use Incinerated in a sentence

1.the company Incinerated cash. and i asked to leave the board. or i was asked. ok, it was very consensual.

2.for yokohama, the goal is to reduce Incinerated garbage by30 percent over the next five years.

3.the cars caught fire on impact and some of the victims were Incinerated.

4.pang said most spacecrafts will be Incinerated upon re-entering earth's atmosphere, and the debris will mostly likely fall into the ocean or hit an uninhabited area.

5.the solid wastes can be Incinerated. autumn, a gardener burns leaves to dispose of them. such pollution can occur when used batteries are dumped in landfills or Incinerated.

7.dewatering is seldom used as an intermediate process unless the sludge is to be Incinerated.

8.with hacksaws, they severed the heads, double-bagged them and sent them for testing; the bodies themselves were Incinerated.

9.those students disappeared in september, and prosecutors say they were killed and Incinerated by a drug gang.

10.the Incinerated body still lay curled in its wooden bed of cinders. typical half-pound bowel movement contains 300 kilocalories of energy when Incinerated in a bomb calorimeter. the end of an autopsy the organs are either Incinerated or put in a bag and placed back in the body before it is sewn shut.

13.meanwhile the solid by-products, rich in energy, could be Incinerated as well.

14.the results expressed that the technology can realize steady combustion and low pollution emission when the msw is Incinerated.

15.the handles and outer cover are made from polypropylene, which unlike some plastics does not generate hazardous gasses when Incinerated.

16.the room was gutted by fire and he was Incinerated.

17.a review last year of pilates-related science found little credible evidence that the exercises added muscle or Incinerated body fat apart from in the midsection.

18.hand in his shoes on a touch Incinerated immediately.

19.summum have already mummified human beings but their progress has been checked after 18 months and then state law says that as they have been opened, they must be Incinerated. will be Incinerated.-how do we stop it?

21.pakistan has just experienced both extreme heat and catastrophic floods; russia has been scorched by heatwave and its forests Incinerated.

22.the study on the preparation of the activated carbon from Incinerated medical wastes

23.apart from recyclable waste, everything is buried or Incinerated, only to pollute the environment. plastic waste remains underground for several decades.

24.a small river flows nearby and some of the waste is Incinerated on site.

25.materials containing chlorine or metal should therefore not be Incinerated.

26.such pollution can occur when used batteries are dumped in landfills or Incinerated. overview of landfill gas generation models all places, the plant waste from harvested crops would be Incinerated to create electricity or be converted to biofuel.

28.when polyurethane products were used, large amounts of waste generated. most of the waste was landfilled or Incinerated, which not only caused great losses of reusable resources but also polluted the atmosphere.

29.the crops used to detoxify the farm that are Incinerated will release non-harmful gases as well as provide fuel and heat for the home.

30.the four tukuls, or traditional huts, that used to house his wife and nine children have been Incinerated.

31.survivors are starting to decide whether to rebuild their Incinerated homes and businesses or walk away and relocate elsewhere.

32.we're gonna turn on the juice and he'll be Incinerated immediately.

33.the company has the technologies of garbage Incinerated cfb boiler and2-stage reciprocating martine grate firing and has the best independent developing ability of this industry in china.

34.the life will be Incinerated. that building was laid in ashes last night. a furnace where a corpse can be burned and reduced to ashes.

35.raw sludge can be Incinerated, provided the water content is sufficiently reduced.

36.the efficient use of Incinerated sludge ash in japan is needed the country does need to increase the percentage of waste that is Incinerated.