Incinerate Sentence Examples | Use Incinerate in a sentence

1.sludge Incinerate in thermal power plant is a very good way for sludge treatment as there are many successful examples in cities of china. order to treat the wastewater from vat blue production, we obtain ferrous sulphate as water treatment chemical and Incinerate residue in general coal-fired boiler.

3.safest thing to do is Incinerate them. not Incinerate or mutilate batteries, may burst or release toxic material.

5.the cars caught fire on impact and some of the victims were Incinerated.

6.they were ready to Incinerate it and you.

7.which is better, to Incinerate the rubbish from our towns or to tip it into disused quarries?

8.the problem isn't really how much it increases Incinerate-it's the fact that it transfers our damage from immolate to Incinerate, which makes it even harder to play the spec in pvp.

9.the bigger worry is that this week's pyrotechnics will Incinerate wider efforts to stabilise a region full of dangerouses. rivalries.

10.the bigger worry is that this week's pyrotechnics will Incinerate wider efforts to stabilise a region full of dangerous rivalries.

11.the warlock spell Incinerate has had the performance of its graphical spell effect improved.

12.due to high cd concentration in plant tissue, we can Incinerate root and above ground tissue to reclaim cd, and this can bring economical benefit. was too confusing to players and had some weird side-effects, such as chaos bolt not scaling well with Incinerate if Incinerate did more damage.

14.this monstrous flare would undoubtedly Incinerate all life on the surface of the earth.

15.theoretically, we can achieve that desirable condition by reducing the number of calories that we take in through dieting or by increasing the number of calories that we Incinerate through exercise.

16.making paper mill wastes including sludge and process residue Incinerate with coal in circulating fluidized bed has a number of advantages, such as stable combustion, high burnout rate, low pollutant emission etc.

17.unfortunately, our social practices are not in line with that beauty when we Incinerate our 'trash'. has about 700 dead and its crematorium can Incinerate only seven bodies a day, given the 60 liters of kerosene needed to burn each body.

19.clan history had shown that the jaguars would likely Incinerate any population center that caused them too much trouble.

20.fixed a problem with melee units with Incinerate not damaging any units that they would Incinerate.

21.the pre-treatment technological process of waste was established, the technical regulation of using cement rotary kiln to Incinerate hazardous waste was established, and experimental standard of the leaching of heavy metals in concrete was suggested.

22.the flames of my rage will Incinerate you! a solar storm approaches the humans worry that cutie will be unable to control the beam sending power to earth causing it to fall on cities and Incinerate them. the ripe method of the disposal of msw in the world have sanitary landfill Incinerate compost pyrolysis, and combining with resource reclamation it becomes an disposal system of msw.

25.he started making plans to send a troop of celestial soldiers and generals to earth on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, with orders to Incinerate all humans and animals.

26.maybe so, but you can't Incinerate a bengal tiger with a magnifying glass.

27.the high temperature synthesis of material of of all kinds solid below air atmosphere, agglomeration, Incinerate, melt and heat treatment.

28.the most important of Incinerate space detection is lunar detection. scientific research and exploration of lunar exchequer and environment is important step to live and work at the strange environment of other planet.

29.for construction in different regions, and also for reconstruction existing Incinerate plants for work on offered technology it is necessary to execute the individual feasibility report.

30.that the heat from the earth's core will Incinerate your sorry ass.

31.although miniature golf won't Incinerate fat, it will burn more calories than lying in a hammock.

32.raj: maybe so, but you can't Incinerate bengal tiger with a magnifying glass.

33.Incinerate: the dragon can soar up and give the target a specifically powerful blow of its fiery breath.

34.process control model to Incinerate municipal solid waste in high temperature by applying molten slag method

35.Incinerate in suitable incineration plant, observing local authority regulations.