Impudent Sentence Examples | Use Impudent in a sentence

1.but she was an Impudent, rude little girl, and so she set about helping herself.

2.i find the question as insulting as it is Impudent.

3.a girl or young woman who is considered pert, flirtatious, or Impudent.

4.go on with your work, you Impudent slut!

5.there must be a secret behind this, let the Impudent persons slump into their self-designed shackles.

6.for a time, chewbacca was a slave, toiling away for the betterment of the empire until an Impudent imperial cadet named han solo freed him.

7.what an Impudent rascal he is!

8.your Impudent look reflects my verve when i was young.

9.he was Impudent enough to call me a fool.

10.a shameless Impudent scheming woman. Impudent hussy, and get on with your work!

12.come here, you Impudent rascal, was the lodger's answer as he re-entered his room. Impudent upstart. i shall take great delight in dispatching you myself.

14.and catching the young man, she kissed him, and with an Impudent face, flattered, saying.

15.she's tolerant toward those Impudent colleagues.

16.and no man but a very Impudent dog indeed can as freely command what is in another's house as if it were his own. the little Impudent fellow would waste many an ear in a forenoon; was Impudent of her to answer like that.

19.i should be taken for an Impudent creature that had forged such a thing to go away from my husband.

20.of this Impudent mortal myself.'s an Impudent young wine but i think you will find it quite potable.

22.the Impudent and opinionated perseverance has become the most memorable memories.

23.instead, a robed figure stood there, at the top of a ramp extended like an Impudent tongue from the side of the sentinels' ship.

24.he is an Impudent boy and always gets in trouble.

25."did you get your supper at last, madeline? " said the Impudent or else mischievous young man.

26.a flip answer to serious question; the student was kept in for Impudent behavior.

27.did you get your supper at last, madeline? said the Impudent or else mischievous young man.

28.your letter is Impudent and it has angered me.

29.she shouldn't be imprudent or Impudent, cold-hearted or narrow-minded. would be Impudent on my part - please listen - Impudent, impolite, incorrect to say i know somebody.

31.i am afterwards right away very much condemn his this person angrily, true very Impudent, look for feeling the most important fault of girlfriend? Impudent rascal, that's what. frank said, it was a pushy, Impudent place and that was why she liked it.

34.some of them were Impudent and insulting.'s Impudent of you to make fun of adults.

36.why will you tolerate that Impudent fellow?

37.don't be fresh with me; impertinent of a child to lecture a grownup ; an Impudent boy given to insulting strangers.

38.he is unbearably Impudent.