Imbued Sentence Examples | Use Imbued in a sentence its first year, aig's attempt to sell its taiwanese insurance arm was Imbued with a sense of urgency.

2.the orb can only be destroyed with an ancient flail Imbued with the spirit of the one incorruptible priest.

3.i think they were all Imbued with the spirit of cooperation, unity and dedication.

4.her voice was Imbued with an unusual seriousness.

5.each excellent enterprise has an entrepreneurial culture that is Imbued with its own personality and charm.

6.perhaps more than any other painter, leonardo's art is Imbued with his scientific observations.

7.Imbued with the spirit of the reformation; words instinct with love.

8.he is Imbued with new ideas.

9.functions form the building blocks for processing and are Imbued with several features not found in traditional imperative languages.

10.she Imbued him with a sense of self-worth.

11.the kitchen and living room were like a crime scene, the whole house Imbued with violence and death.

12.his work is Imbued with the evolutionary spirit.

13.a president should be Imbued with a sense of responsibility for the nation.

14.ordinary astronomical phenomena are Imbued with a sense of threat by people who already think the world is going to end.

15.benjamin franklin Imbued in us the zeal to work and encouraged the inclination for self-improvement.

16.equally important is the bristling confidence that these advances have Imbued in indian companies.

17.his voice was Imbued with a seriousness that blanche had never heard before.

18.the state should therefore be Imbued with an active role in promoting conditions conducive to the realization of that ethical ideal. singapore, the government and people are Imbued with the confucian reverence for education.

20.they Imbued in us the concepts of family, faith and patriotism.

21.objects, too, can be enhanced or Imbued with magical power. we discussed in the introduction, interactive digital products are uniquely Imbued with complex behavior.

23.she said at last, her mother not only taught her how to love, but also Imbued her with a sense of imagination and creation.

24.once found, these patterns "are easily Imbued with imaginative meaning, " he said.

25.he is Imbued with new ideas. a world of new concepts carries a new experience.

26.but science can only be created by those who are thoroughly Imbued with the aspiration toward truth and understanding. you listen, you notice how every single word is Imbued with a breathless sense of wonder. keeping with new age thought, it is by dissociating with scientific tradition that the circle-makers return art to a more unified function, where images and objects are Imbued with special powers.

29.the princess rightly points out that a sport so Imbued with privilege has no place in a democratic festival such as the olympics.

30.characteristic of or Imbued with the attitude of a philosopher or based on philosophy.

31.she cunning reality, but and honest Imbued with illusioning sometimes; Imbued me with a sense of empowerment and personal responsibility.

33.he Imbued mrs. dogood with that spirited aversion to tyranny that he would help to make part of the american character.

34.deathmare flings a flurry of daggers Imbued with the energy of venom death at every enemy around her to slay them all.

35.the performance of singing and dancing were Imbued with chinese national characteristics.

36.when working properly, the mandarinate is meritocratic and Imbued with a deep sense of responsibility for the whole country.

37.a president should be Imbued with a sense of responsibility for a nation.

38.the speech Imbued us with a desire to help.

39.from the moment they step into the company from bmw, is Imbued with a sense of belonging, a sense of mission and historical responsibility.