imbalance Sentence Examples | Use imbalance in a sentence

1.otherwise, can cause the mentality of the imbalance between them due to the differences in the interests of the most harmonious coexistence.

2.trying to remedy this imbalance, the author concentrates on what he judges to be the essentials of monetary theory.

3.she was also taken aback by his intense jealousy and the imbalance between his tight penny-pinching and extravagant spending.

4.for example, if one party were to move too fast and the other too slowly, it would not be easy to improve the imbalance between the two.

5.note, too, that this imbalance has political implications which, as the math textbooks put it, i'll leave for the interested student.

6.her arrival in mr stevens's place will not much change but should at least preserve the existing imbalance of power on the court.

7.he also said the trade imbalance could not be solved by cutting chinese imports to the u. s.

8.conclusions. quality control of the reconstructed sagittal balance for sagittal imbalance is possible.

9."we do not expect the china currency issue or the imbalance issue to be solved once and for all in seoul, " he said.

10.strong tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate is also easy to stimulate oil and endocrine imbalance, the formation of a more serious acne.