Imaginable Sentence Examples | Use Imaginable in a sentence

1.every speck of information Imaginable.

2.this is not the only form of philosophy Imaginable, but it is a significant form.

3.better alternatives are Imaginable.

4.this is the worst defense Imaginable.

5.we tried every means Imaginable, but all in vain.

6.he could not disguise that he had had the worst Imaginable day for any minister.

7.we can send and receive this data in any Imaginable way.

8.they can be customized, scripted, or parented to achieve just about any kind of effect Imaginable. the run-up to copenhagen, china has pledged to move much further than seemed Imaginable even a year ago to rein in its emissions.

10.they are indeterminate. it is the worst kind of uncertainty Imaginable.

11.parents encourage every activity Imaginable.

12.i am now at one of the most unique writers'colonies Imaginable.

13.the campaign to eliminate river blindness began as the most vertical programme Imaginable: helicopters dropping insecticides out of the sky. me, that's the most exciting question Imaginable.

15.he is the most suitable person Imaginable. is one of the most beautiful things Imaginable.

17.that's probably the loneliest occupation Imaginable. would is the greatest Imaginable privation for her to have to leave london.

19.we had the greatest difficulty Imaginable getting here in time.

20.this was the most appalling insult Imaginable.

21.we had the greatest difficulty Imaginable.

22.the news was the simplest thing Imaginable, and yet, as we took it in, marguerite and i exchanged looks.

23.he is the guy with the little mustache who carries a cane, wears a bowler hat, and ends up in every ridiculous situation Imaginable. its start, this was the most vertical control programme Imaginable: helicopters dropping insecticides from the sky. don't have to queue up in busy shops and you can buy almost any product Imaginable with just a few clicks of your mouse.

26.Imaginable world is real world. with stem cell technology there are two pathways that are Imaginable.

28.they had the greatest difficulty Imaginable, nevertheless they managed to overcome them.

29.yet they involve matter compressed to the highest Imaginable degree, and even beyond.

30.there are many Imaginable states of the world in which institutions with current levels of leverage would be insolvent.

31.every kind of game Imaginable is stacked over here. is Imaginable that breaking the engagement will damage his image.

33.we see the stores filled with every consumer good Imaginable when we go shopping.

34.the city looks as though someone plucked it from the pages of a book of fairytales, yet it has every modern convenience Imaginable.

35.he had the tiniest little shack Imaginable, stuffed in every corner with treasures of every sort and then some.

36.this is the only practical solution Imaginable.

37.he was the most gentle, decent man Imaginable.

38.the wireless music box has no Imaginable commercial value. who would pay for a message sent to nobody in particular?

39.but for a recent mexican release it has turned out to be the best sort of publicity Imaginable.