Illegible Sentence Examples | Use Illegible in a sentence

1.the origin of this book comes from aya's Illegible writing of her daily degeneration, which mr. chaoxiang then copied and compiled on paper.

2.since the letters had been photocopied or mimeographed many times over, they were frequently Illegible.

3.i opened it up and landed on the page where the man had scribbled his name and address. to my disappointment, his writing was Illegible.

4.this letter is as Illegible as hieroglyphics.

5.when reviewing the radio frequencies that you just wrote down, the most important ones are always Illegible. you know this chinese character? it's so Illegible that no one can recognize it! secretary worked long hours translating my almost Illegible writing into a typewritten and readable script.

8.the image of each page comes with a window describing the locations of darwin's notes and a transcription of his somewhat Illegible scrawl.

9.the ink had faded so that many words were Illegible.

10.some of the letter was Illegible.

11.clare's handwriting is completely Illegible!

12.she recognized his handwriting; his hand was Illegible.

13.Illegible handwriting or aimless scribbling.

14.pronunciation in childhood are not allowed to speak, write Illegible, if not corrected, there is always regret the time.

15.the writer's manuscript is Illegible. is impossible to deliver this letter because the address is Illegible.

17.a person might be eligible for a certain appointment despite his Illegible handwriting .

18.a person might be eligible for a certain appointment despite his Illegible handwriting.

19.make ( meaningless or Illegible marks) on sth we should pay attention to synonym discrimination.

20.please write clearly. Illegible forms will have to be returned for clarification.

21.the lettering on the gravestone was badly worn and almost Illegible.

22.a former doctor, che's hand-writing was said to be almost Illegible and hard to decipher, one reason why this project has taken so long.

23.guest signatures are notoriously Illegible.

24.effective suppression of video noise, making the image Illegible and grainy. infelicitous remark; infelicitous phrasing; the infelicitous typesetting was due to Illegible copy. must take much care of your handwriting; it's so Illegible.

27.writing that resembles hieroglyphics ( usually by being Illegible).

28.there were signs, signals: but what of it if they were Illegible. reply, the hostess received an absolutely Illegible letter.

30.the words have become Illegible.

31.set up, memory, transfer and Illegible control control of welding parameters extend application range.

32.identifying natural image and computer graphics based on hmm results information and characters were recovered from hidden, fragmentary, unclear and Illegible image.

33.the first page of the manuscript, which had previously proved Illegible, revealed some of its secrets.

34.apart from the interest of knowing when and where a tube was made, the code group can still provide useful type identification when the commercial markings have become Illegible.

35.he turned the paper over so the writing wouldn't show; the doctor's writing was Illegible.

36.if we are made to speak of a goal, it mostly is ambiguous and Illegible.

37.his signature was an Illegible squiggle at the bottom of the page.

38.even though they had no possible use for a bunch of fog creek logo shirts with an Illegible logo, they ate the cost.

39.but it is the gritty crayon strokes that captured my attention, as if they were some Illegible script, or alphabet.

40.difficult to comprehend or see; Illegible.