Idealist Sentence Examples | Use Idealist in a sentence

1.seen one way, he was something of a hero: not just a professional but also a patriot and an Idealist.

2.maybe that's the reason why i'm not an Idealist and materialist because i love mark twain. Idealist, you are always trying to help.

4.he's still the young Idealist you used to be.'re here because you're an Idealist.

6.anyone who thinks that rational knowledge need not be derived from perceptual knowledge is an Idealist.

7.indeed, whereas a young curmudgeon has no heart, an old Idealist has no head. is entirely proper to classify kant as a transcendental Idealist.

9.central to his project is changing the constitution, hastily written by Idealist young americans in 1946 when japan was an occupied nation.

10.they indicate the process of the death of an Idealist but the resurrection of a housewife.

11.he said i was just an Idealist who didn't under-stand the real world. always were an Idealist.

13.he's still the young Idealist you used to be, still sees good and bad in black and white, and men as sinners or saints, but never both.

14.facing the contradiction, the confucian school of Idealist philosophers endeavored to reestablish a spiritual world for the people in the song dynasty, with their efforts to integrate confucianism, buddhism and taoism.

15.wuyi mountain was the cradle of zhu xi's Idealist confucianism.

16.what is decisive in the refutation of this view has already been said by hegel, insofar as this was possible from an Idealist standpoint;

17.this is a heated debate which involves materialist as opposed to Idealist views. this respect, german Idealist philosophers differed somewhat from english conservatism.

19.the centre is the name for moderate, middle-of-the-road parties and politics, scorned by the doctrinaire and Idealist.

20.this conclusion totally negates german classical Idealist philosophy. are an Idealist likely to have deep spiritual beliefs.

22.metaphysics is part and parcel of the Idealist world outlook. don't have to be an Idealist to realize that there's something wrong with this society.

24.i commit my sin as a humane Idealist.

25.under the guidance of the party he has rejected the Idealist view of history in favor of the materialist.'s an imaginary world, beautiful, mystical and Idealist.

27.his father, redha hassan, a doctor, said his son is an Idealist, principled and moral.

28.he is a political Idealist, not a murderer.

29.i think opportunities for exchange such as this are important because i am an Idealist.

30.he was a radical Idealist, and went beyond kant in stressing the shaping role of the mind in all of human experience, and even in the human encounter with nature.'re an Idealist, just like your grandfather.

32.maybe i should feel ashamed of myself to be like an Idealist when i am in such an age.

33.brian : that's right. next, you have to say the name of this company, Idealist corporation, and your name, of course.'re a true Idealist, but you must learn not to be upset when life does not cooperate with the way you think things should be.

35.while reading the comments, i can guess this commentator is an environmentalist, and a little bit of an Idealist.

36.oakeshott was an Idealist and attached importance to historical method in his research.'s okay to be an Idealist, i told her, but you've got to keep your feet on the ground.

38.but the young Idealist "standards" people went nuclear.

39.these were the kinds of themes that gradually shaped the german Idealist challenge to the enlightenment's emphasis on empiricism and universalism.