Icteric Sentence Examples | Use Icteric in a sentence

1.methods serum sodium concentrations of the lipemic or Icteric samples were assayed based on enzymatic method and the results were compared with those obtained by direct ion-selective electrodes ( ise).

2.efficacy observation of grave Icteric viral hepatitis treated by chinese traditional medicine injection

3.changes in serum siga levels in patients with surgical jaundice and Icteric viral hepatitis

4.objective to observer the therapeutic efficacy of ahylysantinfarctase injection in acute Icteric hepatitis b ( aihb).

5.multiple factors regression analysis of acute Icteric hepatitis patients complicated by acute hemolysis

6.clinical significance of pt measurement in deep Icteric viral hepatitis

7.a part of bilirubin in Icteric serum can covalently bound to albumin, producing delta bilirubin ( bb).

8.the onset of this disease may resemble the prodromal period of Icteric hepatitis .

9.objective: to observe the effect of purgation to treat acute Icteric hepatitis.

10.double infection of acute Icteric type a hepatits and type b hepatitis in children

11.objective to evaluate the effect and safety of yinzhihuang injection for Icteric viral hepatitis.

12.protective effect of stigma maydis decoctions on Icteric hepatitis

13.study on effect of early nursing intervention on lowering the Icteric index for newborns

14.acute Icteric viral hepatitis was the main clinical type.

15.objective: to observe the curative effect of hss and phgf on the patient with chronic Icteric hepatitis b ( hb).

16.ultrasound observation on the change of gallbladder in acute Icteric hepatitis

17.also some meetings control a new life hematopoiesis function, or cause serious Icteric as anaemic as haemolysis sex;

18.clinical process divides typical armour hepatitis a phase: ① is preclinical, ② prodrome period, ③ is Icteric period, ④ convalescence.

19.when the therapy was completed. conclusions alprostadil e1 and tanreqing is effective and safe in acute Icteric hepatitis.

20.effects of swimming and touching on neonate's body weight and Icteric index

21.detecting plasma content of 8-iso-prostaglandin f2alpha ( 8-iso-pgf_ ( 2 α)) in normal and Icteric neonates;

22.the onset of this disease may resemble the prodromal period of Icteric hepatitis.

23.if gallbladder also is affected , can appear Icteric : hair of supercilious look ball is yellow , even the body also is sent yellow.

24.treatment of68 cases of Icteric viral hepatitis with "qingganling"

25.the sclera was not Icteric. the heart and lung was normal. the abdomen flat with marked tenderness over the right upper quadrant, where muscular spasm and rebound tenderness were present.

26.if you are anxious , eat powdered milk first to the child , squeeze your grandma , wait for the child Icteric good the milk that eating you

27.of 46 cases with acute Icteric hepatitis b diagnosed on the clinical ground, 24 were igm anti-hbc negative by this kit. follow-up showed that these cases were actually chronic asymptomatic hbv carriers with an acute episode.

28.the sclera was not Icteric. the heart and lung was normal.

29.if Icteric with anaemia more serious, can make cure of the blood transfusion that change blood and phototherapy .

30.my son is delivered of22 days to still have Icteric, to the hospital the examination sneaks away enough, last cognizance child is no problem, the reason goes out in mom this.

31.b-ultrasonic image of gallbladder wall has been observed in 160 patients with acute Icteric hepatitis.

32.observation on the therapeutic effect of acute Icteric hepatitis of 100 children

33.treatment of 68 cases of Icteric viral hepatitis with "qingganling"

34.Icteric diseases in old people and in adults

35.is acute Icteric model is hepatitis serious? how long does cure want?

36.clinical study on treatment of 120 cases of severe Icteric hepatitis with "tuigaohunag decoction"

37.over dosage can cause nausea, vomiting, abdomen pain with diarrhea, lack of energy, sclera Icteric, lack of consciousness, slow heart rate, and shock.