Icosahedron Sentence Examples | Use Icosahedron in a sentence

1.because of the symmetrical shell structure of the Icosahedron, the distribution of the ionic kinetic energy features some pinnacles.

2.the20-sided shape ( an Icosahedron) floats to the window and one of the20 answers is visible, telling you the answer to your question.

3.at the same time, by subdividing an Icosahedron and projecting all its vertices onto the unit sphere from the center, we can get a spherical triangle mesh with subdivision topology.

4.expression of spherical entities and generation of voronoi diagram based on truncated Icosahedron dgg

5.Icosahedron was formed during the freezing of the co clusters with small size, while hcp structure was formed for the large-size co clusters.

6.and you can see how the Icosahedron withdraws into the dodecahedron and then they just merge into each other.

7.the Icosahedron has the greatest number of faces , so it is the most common choice for making a geodesic dome.

8.the results demonstrate that the Icosahedron clusters ( 12 0 12 0) and their combinations play the most important role in the microstructure transition.

9.the catalytic rate was found to be fastest in the presence of au Icosahedron, medium with triangle, and the slowest with the plates.

10.Icosahedron and icosahedral viruses

11.in solution contain dominantly plates, Icosahedron, and triangle au nanoparticles as catalysts during the reaction.

12.higher collision energy may be more helpful to form the quasi-crystal Icosahedron, which has lower energy status, when cooling to 300k after rearrangement collision of two gold clusters.

13.based on the spherical Icosahedron case of equal angle ratio projections ( earp), a new spherical triangle regional quadtree ( earpih) is constructed.

14.transmission scatting electron images, back scatting images, electron diffraction patterns of several orientations and high resolution structure images of al-mn-si Icosahedron quasicrystal are taken with tem, and the x-ray powder diffraction pattern is also gotten.

15.programme information provided by : zuni Icosahedron

16.the structural transformation of the symmetric Icosahedron is strongly related to the initial configuration, atomic number and atomic distribution, and can be controlled by doping hetero atoms and changing their compositions and distributions.

17.the last of these figures known to plato is the Icosahedron.

18.there were twenty rooms, each connecting to three others, arranged like the vertices of a dodecahedron (or the faces of an Icosahedron).

19.the regular Icosahedron measuring technique is used in measurement of anomalistic cannon-shot average fragment windward area, and by this means, a kind of measuring system is designed. the average windward area is a very important parameter of typical fragment muzzle velocity measurement.