Icosahedral Sentence Examples | Use Icosahedral in a sentence

1.the capsids of nearly all spherical viruses adopt Icosahedral symmetry.

2.thermodynamic parameters of capsid self-asssembly for Icosahedral virus

3.growth morphology and evolution of Icosahedral quasicrystal in mg-zn-y ternary alloys

4.by comparing the binding energy of the clusters at equilibrium bond lengths, we verified the knight's suggestion that the Icosahedral sc_ ( 13) cluster is most energetically stable of all the cluster mentioned above.

5.calculating the raman and hyper raman tensors for the Icosahedral group

6.simulated construction of capsid of Icosahedral viruses by local interactions of protein subunits

7.the virus is bisegmented double-stranded rna virus with Icosahedral morphology and a partick size of about 60 nm.

8.the sphericity of Icosahedral viruses and correlation of the sphericity with equivalent spheres

9.to investigate the proteins and structural features of hpv16 capsid will be valuable for understanding of viruses with Icosahedral structure and potentially for vaccine design.

10.any of a group of viruses containing dna in an Icosahedral protein shell and causing disease in dogs and cattle; not known to be associated with any human disease.

11.satellite tobacco mosaic virus is a small, Icosahedral plant virus which worsens the symptoms of infection by tobacco mosaic virus (tmv).

12.based on formal observations and limited data available, many viruses possess Icosahedral structures.

13.Icosahedral short-range order within al-fe-ce alloy

14.above 700k, we found the transition from body-center cubic phase into Icosahedral phase.

15.refinement of Icosahedral alpdmn quasicrystal structure by using quantitative convergent beam electron diffraction

16.this work was penetrated into studying on the parameters of the capsid of Icosahedral viruses in the light of many subjects.

17.by means of pair analysis technique and bond orientational order, we find that there exist a number of Icosahedral short range units in the system.

18.the effects of temperature, hydrogen pressure, supports on the catalytic activities of Icosahedral pd nanoparticles were investigated.

19.progress of simulating construction for the structure of Icosahedral virus capsids

20.after three times freeze-thaw, cells and culture medium were harvested for electron microscopy. virus particles were nonenveloped, double capsid and Icosahedral symmetry. this virus was designated bat/ china/ 2003 ( b/ 03).

21.iridoviruses are large cytoplasmic dna viruses with an Icosahedral morphology [24].

22.simulation results show that: in the surface of nanostructure have similar Icosahedral structure are appeared. there is also the close-packed structure and defect fcc structure appeared.

23.phase structure of al-cu-fe alloys and kinetics study on the solidifications of al-cu-fe primary Icosahedral quasicrystals

24.study on the parameters of the capsid of Icosahedral viruses

25.mathematical analysis of Icosahedral virus 'triangulation number

26.indexing of electron diffraction pattern of Icosahedral phase in al-mn alloy

27.the effect of mn on formation of three-dimension spherical Icosahedral quasicrystal phase in mg-based master alloy has been discussed.

28.it has been found that the high strength is attributed to the metastable Icosahedral quasicrystal phase embedded in the a-al matrix, which has been confirmed to be still stable at 803 k under the pressure of 1.2 gpa.

29.adding known stereographic projection of crystal thirty-two point groups and Icosahedral two point groups, stereographic projection of total sixty crystallographic and quasi-crystallographic point groups were drawn in this article.

30.crystallization thermodynamics of al-mn Icosahedral quasicrystalline phase has been studied by dsc measurements and quantitative x& ray diffraction analysis.

31.alloying composition and cooling rate are major factors affecting the morphology of Icosahedral quasicrystal.

32.in this paper we explain the probability of existence on the body-center cubic and Icosahedral phase and the transforming process.

33.thermodynamic analyses on solidification process of primary al-cu-fe Icosahedral quasicrystal phase

34.all two-dimensional quasicrystals are uniaxial while some of them have nonlinear optical effect and Icosahedral quasicrystals are optical isotropic and have no nonlinear optical effect;