Iconology Sentence Examples | Use Iconology in a sentence

1.as formulated by the critic and poet larry neal, the black aesthetic "proposes a separate symbolism, mythology, critique, and Iconology. "

2.this paper tries to reconstruct the history of the western chinese art history by interpreting "stylistic analysis"," Iconology" and "situational analysis" applied in west-ern chinese art history.

3.in Iconology theoretical perspectives to analyze and then explore how to use the analysis of the image to learn ways to strengthen students 'understanding of the work.

4.from specialized viewpoint of clothing major, this article makes classification and reorganization of han dynasty apparels by applying methods of Iconology, typology and semiotics, to conduct the han dynasty apparels research in a scientific way.

5.this paper will expand the Iconology theory to the burgeoning art form of the visual culture field, making the online game as a whole image to analysis.

6.the romantic pictures of a drunken poet& the study of Iconology about antiquity portrait of tao yuanming

7.musical Iconology: its history, current situation, and a modest proposal for its future development

8.the article researches the similarities and differences between the unit pattern and combination of patterns of bronze chariots and other patterns unearthed from emperor qinshihuang mausoleum used by the Iconology and also probes into the meanings of these patterns.

9.Iconology, as a cross-discipline, stresses the study of the implied and symbolic meaning of the iconographic world of the objects.

10.domestic tare product unique and standardized production Iconology application to micro pump motor well sold to the domestic and abroad

11.on the basis of historical documents, with the method of comparison, Iconology, etc., this paper put in order the developmental process of architecture design at victorian time, and analyzed its causes and background.

12.this dissertation will use the image as the main material of the yuan dynasty and study on costumes by Iconology method.

13.one that wang guangyi represents is to accomplish visual representation of ideology from the exercise of political Iconology;

14.the image interpretation of the online game includes the pre-iconography description, the iconography analysis and the Iconology elaboration. its connotation is image oneself molds, semiotics convey, and the visual experience, identity construction, cultural representations of the players in the game.

15.this paper makes some explanations on new classicism painting in france with pictures and historical materials, and knowledge of Iconology, sociology and psychology is adopt.

16.studies in Iconology: humanistic themes in the art