Iconoclastic Sentence Examples | Use Iconoclastic in a sentence

1.his Iconoclastic tendencies can get him into trouble.

2.the modern movement began by pruning excess, and then shifted to an Iconoclastic repudiation of historical styles, substituting a dogma of rigor and purity.

3.the orthodox prediction is that the discovery will collapse in the face of new evidence but i take the Iconoclastic view that it will be confirmed perhaps even opening the way to time travel via extra dimensions in space.

4.this artist is an Iconoclastic sculptor who also reinvents a whole bestiary in the shape of furniture.

5.new Iconoclastic ideas in medicine.

6.the first performance of the Iconoclastic composition caused a tremendous hullabaloo in the audience.

7.mr. letterman ended his 33-year career in late-night on wednesday as he had started it& with the irreverence, self-mockery and mischief that made him such an Iconoclastic talk-show host.

8.our purpose is to make the realtime distance learning use the advantage of network fully, and the teacher and student can finish their mission more conveniently and efficiently in this Iconoclastic model.

9.the two paintings by fang lijun embody the Iconoclastic style of the times and the impulses that would transform chinese contemporary art.

10.its immediate successor, the 1999 new beetle, is less historically significant but equally Iconoclastic.

11.it's been half a decade since the Iconoclastic chinese singer performed in public.

12.while professor of philosophy at beijing univ. , he wrote for the Iconoclastic journal new youth.

13.only a college as Iconoclastic and distinctive as reed, they argue, could pursue such a strategy and survive.

14.with the first upset of the tournament the Iconoclastic swiss may have spoiled the dream final.

15.is it utopian to hope that such Iconoclastic ideas will gain ground?

16.stephen pollan is an Iconoclastic life coach and personal finance mentor.

17.reynolds' Iconoclastic ideas have been welcomed abroad, particularly in the developing world.

18.you know, i became -- i took this very Iconoclastic approach.

19.in a series of startling upsets and a few expected triumphs, almost all of the top oscars were handed to foreigners and Iconoclastic show business outsiders.

20.the Iconoclastic controversy exerted a tremendous influence in the history of the byzantine empire.

21.mr. kan has long been known as an Iconoclastic leader willing to test political conventions.