Iconoclast Sentence Examples | Use Iconoclast in a sentence

1.mr davies is well known as an Iconoclast who punctures the comforting myths of countries ( likeenglandorrussia) that history has blessed with conquest, expansion and linguistic dominance.

2.you are not an Iconoclast but you do become bored with dry, repetitive studies and you gravitate to areas that are stimulating and require fast responsiveness to changing circumstances.

3.he isn't running as an Iconoclast on the right but as a return to soft-spoken moderation at a time of tea-party fervor.

4.at his birth, in 1881, lu xun's future as a professional Iconoclast would have looked implausible.

5.moore's prinicipia ethica, focusing on the relationship of morals to the two features, Iconoclast and experimental, of "the new biography".

6.cage was an Iconoclast. he refused to be bound by western musical traditions of harmony and structure.

7.i put some thought to this and i would describe it as probably part adventuralist, part problem-solver, part ejecable traits, sort of a touch of maverick, sort of a touch of Iconoclast.

8.instead, this harvard-educated, young Iconoclast has opted for a more aggressive anglo-saxon modus operandi.

9.despite the seemingly constant rollout of slightly updated iphones and android models, novelty, thy name isn't smartphone. it's a flip that makes you a renegade, an Iconoclast.

10.actually, i was an Iconoclast, but now i ask my son to read di- zi - gui.

11.the Iconoclast crisis provide opportunities for the development of the secular arts.