Iconoclasm Sentence Examples | Use Iconoclasm in a sentence

1.british fashion is known throughout the world for it tradition and Iconoclasm.

2.the only solution is to attack the very essence of modernization, the supermarket, the airplane, the ideal of capitalism itself, a cultural revolution of sorts, a new Iconoclasm.

3.Iconoclasm , the cataclysm of the paintings. this movement that started in the palace of byzantium to destroy all holy images.

4.the long controversy over Iconoclasm within the eastern church prepared it for the break with the roman church.

5.part of the dark mystery of Iconoclasm was actually solved a few years in the vatican library by the study of this old book.

6.with the spreading of christianity, the Iconoclasm gradually infiltrated into icons worship, boundary between the two became blurred and it was difficult to determined the nature of icons worship.

7.underneath the sum of those who centuries before had fought Iconoclasm and found their way to paradise.

8.Iconoclasm became a prominent feature of jewelry design.