Icon Sentence Examples | Use Icon in a sentence

1.so, the first set of pathologies, they end up in the stick man on his Icon, but the rest of them are really what's important here.

2.clicking on words marked with the doc Icon will allow you to open and modify the word document.

3.the coaching Icon was carted to the locker room saturday after one of his own players ran into his left leg.

4.to run it, open the control panel and double-click the tweak ui Icon.

5.install and uninstall desktop Icons, Icon resources, and menu items

6.click on the square Icon to maximize the window.

7.only marilyn has proved as enduring a fashion Icon.

8.you can run the wizard by using the program menu Icon.

9.how do i set the Icon that's displayed in the caption of a frame window or dialog?

10.if all goes well, though, the days when a smoking funnel was an Icon of every child's drawing of a ship on the horizon may be numbered.

11.i ′ m having trouble either pasting or resetting an Icon image onto a menu or toolbar.

12.in the system described in this article, you resize an object by clicking and dragging the resize Icon.

13.use the first Icon in the toolbar in the upper-right corner to toggle between tree and simple layouts.

14.you can click any Icon here to return to a running activity.

15.a well-thought logo design can effectively use a simple Icon to leave a deep enough impression for the public.

16.example term with edit Icon, description, and steward name.

17.from the pop-up menu on this Icon, create a new html file.

18.in the center of the window is the xo Icon, which represents you and your laptop.

19.in this case, the model's name and Icon are reflected in the label.

20.click on this Icon to align or justify text.

21.double click on the Icon to open the file.

22.okay, for a second example, think about this cultural hero, Icon on the left, creator of this character.

23.the queensland national trust has named it a state Icon of queensland.

24.with this property set, the shortcut menu will be displayed when the Icon on the taskbar is clicked.

25.the Icon on this tab is a beanie.

26.you can use this tray Icon to start and stop the apache and zend servers.

27.the apple menu, represented with a small apple Icon in the top left of any screen, works like parts of the windows start menu.

28."it was going on television in 1963, the same year as the beatles, that made it possible for her to become a popular Icon, " mr. spitz said.

29.click the square Icon again to minimize the window.

30.if you want to create a document, click the create document Icon from the menu.

31.rapprochement with pro-democracy Icon aung san suu kyi appears to be going well since she was released from prison almost a year ago.

32.i often make use of curves and Icon area and to express my thoughts.

33.a tsar was a living Icon, invested with deep historical and religious significance.

34.this is the arrow Icon and is used to select and deselect points in the chart.

35.to modify a category: right-click its Icon and select properties from the menu.

36.click file and print sharing from the network Icon in control panel.

37.you can download the application source by clicking the code Icon at the top or bottom of this page.

38.a toolbar provides Icon shortcuts to major functions.

39.the current temperature will be displayed as a tray Icon with customizable font and colors.

40.these methods place a spinner Icon and remove it, respectively, inside of an html div element.