Icing Sentence Examples | Use Icing in a sentence

1.a method to resolve the single-valued problem of the traditional fiber-optic Icing sensor is presented.

2.mother is Icing my birthday cake.

3.alexander vigil surprises his grandmother, patsy archuleta, with a face decorated with Icing from his birthday cake.

4.such a business card printing and membership card must be produced, arranged, a strong sense of camaraderie and Icing on the cake.

5.the biofuel boom has been the Icing on the cake.

6.perhaps send him a sugar-coated bullet, he ate Icing, artillery shell was thrown again.

7.dip the end of a fork into extra Icing sugar and press down lightly on top of each ball to flatten it to a disc.

8.micro-landform and micro-climate could exert great influence on conductor Icing.

9.his girlfriend broke up with him. the Icing on the cake was that he saw her arm-in-arm on the street.

10.the Icing on the cake is adding a link for the feed to the header.

11.it's like Icing on the cake.

12.they are our pride and joy, our reason for being, the Icing on the cake of life.

13.a wedding cake has white Icing.

14.cream the margarine in a small bowl, then sieve the Icing sugar into it.

15.decorating supplies: fancy frosting designs are easy to create using an Icing filled pastry bag with decorating tips.

16.firstly it was great to see him get a goal on his debut. it was the Icing on the cake of a superb match in houston.

17.i hope our efforts to make you the cause of Icing on the cake.

18.dust heavily with Icing sugar (confectioners sugar). slice into finger lengths or long triangles. it is now ready to serve.

19.we know they widely been used in copper and aluminum wire, aircraft, radiator, as all can Icing at a low temperature or wasting resources.

20.the paper introduced the form and harm of Icing on power transmission line.

21.research and development of Icing defense safety evaluation system

22.all the products will be the Icing on the cake for you.

23.they are deep-fried waffles, topped with Icing and multicoloured sprinkles.

24.the phenomena of Icing and melting are related closely with our daily life.

25.the third goal was the Icing on the cake.

26.place Icing sugar& cocoa in saucepan and stir.

27.it was very good and a twist put the Icing on the cake for me.

28.for a leaf, squeeze out the Icing to form the bottom edge, then relax the pressure and pull the tip away to make a rippling leaf.

29.jim: really? that's Icing on the cake! congratulations again.

30.that will prevent the wings of the aircraft from Icing up.

31.the roads are Icing up as we speak.

32.heated vane for use in wind turbine control and wind resource assessment in Icing environments.

33.the fact that they were running this environment in a cloud was just Icing on the cake!

34.the result indicates that this design effectively prevents the phenomenon of the wall of well percolating water-Icing ices .

35.beat the butter and sugar together, then add sifted Icing sugar.

36.sift Icing sugar and cocoa onto a plate.

37.if the exquisite production craft, it will be Icing on the cake.

38.some butter, some Icing sugar and some milk.

39.she spread the Icing over the cake, dabbing it with a knife

40.i have stability problems due to heavy Icing.