Icily Sentence Examples | Use Icily in a sentence

1.rudely unaccommodating to the customers; Icily neutral, disagreeably unhelpful.

2."my dear manuel, " she went on, in Icily polite prose, either you stop or you quit the party.

3.but now, when business is verrry slow and the possibility of layoffs Icily real, looking busy is no joke.

4.i confess it with shame& shrunk Icily into myself, like a snail;

5.and so, although Icily sardonic in conversation and convinced he would be a "superlative" writer, he never made the ivy league.

6.they tendered thanks , Icily, to the doorman for ushering them into the shop .

7.chao po-tao turned to liu yu-ying again and asked Icily," what else were they talking about?"

8.she would most definitely have been embarrassed and almost certainly would have responded Icily to cover it.

9."we did not come to be instructed about democracy, " mei zhaorong, china's former ambassador to germany, Icily declared.

10.the rain spat Icily down and we all felt rather chilly.

11.at first, chairman ofthe board sees him is a poor hand, the age has not been small, doesnot have the raise the value, then Icily rejected.

12.they tendered thanks, Icily, to the doorman for ushering them into the shop.

13.she was Icily correct this time.

14.in that Icily superior way of hers, she looked right through us.

15.ava Icily asks nathan.

16.always cold, Icily cold, hands and feet, due to poor blood circulation, perhaps.

17."excuse me, " said snape Icily. "but i believe i am the potions master at this school. "

18.moreover," he continued Icily, "i started knocking at the reception office downstairs, and i've been knocking for more than a month.

19.the ice was shimmering black in some places and other places was clear and magnifying as a lens. they tendered thanks, Icily, to the doorman for ushering them into the shop.