Iceman Sentence Examples | Use Iceman in a sentence announced a one-year extension in september, so the Iceman will remain behind the wheel for the ferrari team through the 2010 f1 season.

2.buried? : otzi the Iceman may not have died where hikers found him in 1991.

3.eulogy of daydreams& interpretation of the apollo spirit and the dionysos spirit in the Iceman cometh

4.her strength and adamancy enable her to accomplish the self-identity task leaved by female characters in the Iceman cometh and long day's into night, and finally set up a wholly new self.

5.then there was journalist rainer hoelz, who filmed the recovery of the Iceman , and who died of a brain tumour. the Iceman cometh, what o 'neill wishes to inspire his audience is the very love and enthusiasm about life.

7.researchers now believe the prehistoric Iceman was murdered.

8.dutchman wim hof, also known as the Iceman, is the man that swam under ice, and stood in bins filled with ice.

9.there's a scene in my bedroom where i start eating almond roca, ryder, 41, tells people while promoting her new film the Iceman in new york city.

10.when the Iceman was discovered by tourists in 1991, the well-preserved body was first thought to be a modern corpse.

11.this time, heavyweight champ george Iceman chambers is sent to a russian jail on trumped-up drug charges.

12.the fourth death was that of helmut simon, the german tourist who spotted the Iceman in1991 while on a walking trip with his wife. the Iceman cometh, time serves as an animated threshold.

14.junior college, he saw a production of the Iceman cometh for a class, which convinced him that he wanted to become an actor.

15.the Iceman cometh is one of the most profound and thought-provoking plays of o 'neill.

16.this paper analyzes the symbolic meanings of the name, characters and scenes in the Iceman cometh and concludes that this play is a symbol of human beings existential predicament.

17.poetic metaphor& on theme and writing features of o'neill's the Iceman cometh its frozen state, the Iceman's deep caramel skin had a dignified luster, reminiscent of a medieval figure painted in egg tempera.

19.perhaps most remarkable, this choreographed intervention would be accomplished without making any new incisions in the Iceman's body.

20.the once familiar village Iceman is now rara avis.

21.after dinner katy would show him the new patch in her crazy quilt that the Iceman had cut for her off the end of his four-in-hand.

22.first, the scientists took dna samples from the Iceman. the Iceman cometh, the swinging doors appearing in act three leave us a deep impression.

24.we had to drag the garbage down to the corner, take the laundry out and bring it back, and meet the Iceman away from home.

25.then it gives a general literary review of eugene o'neill and his plays, including the literary review on the Iceman cometh and long day's journey into night.

26.the theme of alienation in the Iceman cometh and long day's journey into night

27.rather, before death occurred and rigor mortis set in, the Iceman was turned on to his stomach in the effort to remove the arrow shaft.