Hyoid Sentence Examples | Use Hyoid in a sentence

1.conclusion: this study showed that changes in Hyoid bone position were related to changes in mandibular position.

2.but there is one bone in the vocal tract – the Hyoid – and dr de boer began by studying it.

3.applied anatomical study of Hyoid syndrome

4.the cystic tumours appeared in anterior triangle of neck and related to Hyoid and thyroid on ct images.

5.3-d ct reconstruction can show the relationship between jaw bone, Hyoid bone and upper airway.

6.anatomic study of the blood vessels and nerves adjacent to tip of the greater horn of Hyoid bone

7.objective: to investigate the relationship between respiratory mode and Hyoid position.

8.conclusions we should establish the normal values of Hyoid position by gender and age.

9.a muscle of the lower jaw that elevates the Hyoid bone and assists in lowering the jaw.

10.treatment of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome by combined genioglossus advancement or Hyoid suspension with uvulopalatopharyngoplasty

11.objective to analyze the difference of upper airway form and Hyoid position between class ⅰ and class ⅱ sagittal facial type in adult female and investigate the relationship between craniofacial structures and upper airway form.

12.there was a significant correlation between the amount of mandibular setback and the vertical change of Hyoid.

13.a cephalometric study of upper airway form and Hyoid position in early permanent dentition

14.study on differences among sagittal facial types, upper airway width and Hyoid position of children with mixed dentition

15.Hyoid of male was positioned more anterior-inferiorly than that of female.

16.from the above study, select 44 cases han people that the scan range from the nasion to the Hyoid, measuring the bone density in their anterior teeth, canine area, molar area and molar area.

17.conclusion: in adults with different vertical facial types, there are statistical differences in upper airway form and Hyoid position, which might be due to different mandibular rotation.

18.the Hyoid bone has no significant shifting horizontally;

19.the cervical fascial spaces surrounding the viscera below the Hyoid bone of 36 male adult cadavers were investigated by serial sections and injection methods.

20.the changes of jaw bone, especially the size and position of the mandible have more effects than the displacement of teeth on the oropharyngeal airway dimension and the Hyoid bone level position.

21.in apes the Hyoid attaches to a large pouch called an air sac, that makes sounds bigger and deeper.

22.the study on the chin position in the head study of Hyoid motion during swallowing in normal elder

23.anaesthesia for Hyoid bone myotomy and palatopharyngoplasty of the patient with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome

24.a study on the relationship between respiratory mode and Hyoid position.

25.Hyoid bone with pedunculus or epiglottidean complex tissues;

26.conclusions of the patients with mandibular prognathism, 1.the Hyoid bone shifted downward, the dorsum lingua raised and the base of the tongue moved posteriorly;

27.study of upper airway form and Hyoid position of the children with different vertical facial types in mixed dentition

28.pedicled Hyoid bone is an ideal graft for laryngoplasty.

29.conclusion the body of Hyoid bone with sternoHyoid or omoHyoid muscle flap is an ideal material with extensive flexibility in laryngeal function reconstruction after partial laryngectomy.

30.x-ray projection showed superioranterior displacement of Hyoid bones and enlarged posterior space.

31.a study of relationship between upper airway form and Hyoid position and sagittal facial type

32.objective: to investigate upper airway form and Hyoid position in early permanent dentition.

33.this is called the Hyoid bone.

34.she had bleeding in her throat and the Hyoid bone was fractured.

35.differences in changes of upper airway, mandible and Hyoid bone were also analyzed among the doctor experience position, final adjusted position and original position.

36.to explore the complications that happened after uvulopalatopharyngoplasty ( uppp) combined with Hyoid suspension for obstructive sleep apnea hyperventilate syndrome ( osahs) patients.

37.the reconstruction of the new larynx used the myocutaneous flaps, mucosa, fascia, Hyoid bone, epiglottis cartilage, thyroid cartilage and the techniques of pharynx and trachea anastomosis respectively.

38.a comparative study on Hyoid position in skeletal class i and class ⅲ malocclusions

39.Hyoid barbel a barbel which hangs down from the Hyoid region of the throat in members of the anglerfish family linophrynidae.