Hygroscopicity Sentence Examples | Use Hygroscopicity in a sentence

1.on the basis of analyzing the polymorphic phenomenon and Hygroscopicity of ammonium nitrate ( an), the modification technology of an is discussed.

2.effects of press drying on Hygroscopicity and expansion of bamboo timber

3.research on Hygroscopicity and moisture-retention capacity of carboxymethyl chitin

4.effects of ky-fw wood fire-retardant on wood Hygroscopicity and dimensional stability

5.according to the characteristics of the sericin, we mainly studied the following aspects: improving the Hygroscopicity and antistatic qualities of the dacron fabrics, improving the crease-resist property of the cotton fabrics after washing.

6.objective: to characterize the fluidity and Hygroscopicity of excipients for rapid-release solid dosage forms that are prepared by direct compression.

7.stainless steel is conductive, and acrylic fiber has the defects of poor Hygroscopicity and serious static electrical phenomenon.

8.the changes of moisture content and thickness swelling in the Hygroscopicity and water absorption tests were evidently affected by treatment temperature and time.

9.among the properties discussed are solubility, Hygroscopicity, crystallinity, and viscosity.

10.influences of the length of hydrophobic group, the degree of substitution on the solubility, surface activity, emulsifying property, foam property, Hygroscopicity and humidity-retaining ability, compatibleness of those new products have been studied in detail.

11.urea based compound fertilizers made by spraying molten urea onto single or triple superphosphate granules can prevent Hygroscopicity.

12.the high content of hemicellulose facilitates the Hygroscopicity of textile fiber;

13.the changes of Hygroscopicity and tensile performance of wool fibers were studied after the treatment of high temperature steaming and high-temperature hot water cooking.

14.some products 'isoelectric point, Hygroscopicity, retention characteristic and the solubility in different ph solutions are studied here.

15.study on the Hygroscopicity mechanism and measurement method of the granulated seasonings

16.the material is 100% combed cotton, frivolous breathable, Hygroscopicity, heat dissipation of excellent.

17.the water absorption, Hygroscopicity and thickness swelling of wood would reduce after heat treatment.

18.to improve the Hygroscopicity of fabric, polyester cotton yarn is used in warp and ground weft and medium polyester yarn is used in velvet weft.

19.influence of excipients and preparation on Hygroscopicity and packing volumes of xh-capsule

20.the methods of preventing Hygroscopicity of chinese medicine solid preparations mainly are improving granulation process and using coating process.

21.the main characteristics of maltodextrin include stability, Hygroscopicity, viscosity, turbidity and gelation behaviour as well.

22.application of traditional Hygroscopicity measurement method in the granulated seasonings

23.the results show that the synthesized acrylate sizing agent is one with low Hygroscopicity and low re-adhesion.

24.it was showed that verhoeff chitin and chitosan were superior to other sources in the Hygroscopicity and moisture retention.

25.irradiation grafting modification of polyester fiber for improving Hygroscopicity

26.effect of extraction and compression on Hygroscopicity of chinese fir heartwood

27.some properties including the permeability, water vapor permeability, Hygroscopicity, thermal insulation property of several common materials have been tested for sports shoes.

28.Hygroscopicity is a important problem of the granulated seasonings which all of the researchers must take into account, especially when they develop a new formula and process.

29.the Hygroscopicity of polyester fiber was improved by irradiation grafting modification after soaking and swelling in m-cresol and in the solution system of benzophenone and acetone successively. the effect of irradiation grafting conditions on moisture regain of polyester fiber was studied.

30.this fiber has good Hygroscopicity, antistatic property and dyeability.

31.the Hygroscopicity of rice influences its storage stability and is the main inducement of rice mildewing.

32.methods: the ratio of main components to excipients was optimized with Hygroscopicity, granulation and dissolubility index.

33.fibre surface is convex, it makes high frames among the fibre, therefore makes it Hygroscopicity and to have best effect of air-breath.

34.its polarization effect and Hygroscopicity are increased due to substitution of aluminium ions for silicon ions and its hydrophobic. . .

35.the measures that should be adopted in water-pouring for coal seam with worse penetrability, Hygroscopicity and wettability are expounded.

36.Hygroscopicity expansion of c_(( f))/ ha-cs composite rods for internal fixation of bone fractures in body fluid

37.the key to decrease their Hygroscopicity is improving the surface structure, reducing the surface energy and raising their hydrophobicity.

38.the water transfer properties include water vapor and water drop permeability, Hygroscopicity and moisture retention of material.

39.the result shows that the carboxymethyl chitin has better Hygroscopicity and moisture-retention.