Hygienic Sentence Examples | Use Hygienic in a sentence

1.we would like to call on you to maintain a Hygienic household and to cooperate with us in providing your child a safe learning environment.

2.it must have business premises , equipment , storage facilities and a Hygienic environment appropriate to the drugs handled .

3.tableware, kitchenware, other household articles and Hygienic or toilet articles, of plastics.

4.there are still some problems with beijing's public Hygienic environment.

5.sink in stainless steel; Hygienic, durable, resistant and easy to clean.

6.the codex commission will also be looking at a revised code of Hygienic practice for eggs and egg products.

7.impurity of the water made it unfit to drink. the state has strict Hygienic regulations for potable water.

8.other laboratory, Hygienic or pharmaceutical glassware, whether or not graduated or calibrated, of fused quartz or other fused silica.

9.personal Hygienic habits were considered most effective. overall, people did not rely on vaccines excessively.

10.we are also the buying office for the largest manufacturer and distributor of paper based Hygienic products in angola.

11.Hygienic standard for arsenic and its inorganic compounds in the air of workplace.

12.methods the Hygienic evaluation on the new rebuilt pvc project in a chemical company was carried out.

13.objective to understand the Hygienic condition of nurseries in huizhou and to offer scientific basis for Hygienic administration.

14.assist production departments in regard of environment and Hygienic work. in charge of environmental monitoring.

15.it is important that these facilities are well designed and can be maintained in a Hygienic condition.

16.b. clean the door of every room and keep it Hygienic.

17.and we also introduce the steps to set up the Hygienic standard of chemical detriments control in china.

18.the introduction is an brief review of the history study of the public Hygienic research and a summary of cardinal academic problems.

19.all products supplied shall have a Hygienic certificate.

20.its quality assurance and Hygienic standards are at the highest levels based on existing technology.

21.according to china's regulations on Hygienic standards for cosmetics, cosmetics should not contain chromium or neodymium.

22.low: in developed countries with good sanitary and Hygienic conditions infection rates are low.

23.it proves that the laboratory teaching quality of Hygienic toxicology can be enhanced through many methods and measures.

24.packing containers and materials contacting honey shall comply with national food safety and Hygienic requirements.

25.sawdust was used as a Hygienic floor covering.

26.he notes the commission has just adopted new Hygienic measures for safer fresh salads and seafood.

27.after such a complicated process, the public can finally use clean and Hygienic water.

28.he said: "we request the student to form the Hygienic habit, and lets them through each way understand the prevention knowledge. "

29.mrs zhang good, it's important to keep bedware clean and Hygienic.

30.the matter is urgent: the lack of sanitary installations and Hygienic waste removal furthers the spread of disease.

31.ensuring that all people affected by the crisis have access to Hygienic sanitation facilities;

32.the products have the Hygienic certificate, allowing to use this type of packaging for food stuffs.

33.conclusion: the situation of chemical contamination for foods in zhaoqing city is not serious, but we should strengthen the Hygienic management and the monitor some processed food.

34.this is simply a Hygienic inspection issue.

35.colony forming units in raw fish material and sashimi were determined to evaluate the food-derived Hygienic condition.

36.has been produced under adequate Hygienic control;

37.the medicine and the Hygienic methods introduced to these people came out of science and there were no miracles.

38.it must have business premises, equipment, storage facilities and a Hygienic environment appropriate to the drugs handled.

39.the strict quality testing and inspection guarantees the tea's top quality – safe, healthy and Hygienic.