Hydroxyl Sentence Examples | Use Hydroxyl in a sentence

1.a trivalent radical derived from glycerol by removing the three Hydroxyl radicals.

2.Hydroxyl radical ( oh) initiated photooxidation of toluene was carried out in a home-made smog chamber.

3.a method for determining Hydroxyl value of epoxy-containing polyester, namely acetyl chloride method is introduced.

4.study on fluorescent method for the determination of Hydroxyl and superoxide anion radicals

5.alkali: a soluble matter that forms Hydroxyl ions in solution. e.g. naoh or koh.

6.Hydroxyl is ho, as opposed to water's h2o, and it is usually the result of water molecules decomposing.

7.since the new results suggest that large Hydroxyl radical changes are unlikely, such projections become more reliable.

8.starch is due to the nature of the starch molecules contains easy-to-reactions of Hydroxyl, starch many substances reactions.

9.the free Hydroxyl ion is involved in a further reaction with the silica network.

10.strongly Hydroxyl radical scavenging ability, and higher than vc.

11.after you post a package, sets up the paper fibers used in most of the Hydroxyl groups in adhesives, leaving no water absorption.

12.scavenging capability to Hydroxyl radical of polysaccharides was lower than vc.

13.combustion is a chain reaction that may be initiated and propagated by free radicals like the Hydroxyl free radical.

14.determination of total content of rare earth in rare earth drier and content of Hydroxyl in solvent-free alkyd resin are introduced and then compared with the traditional methods.

15.coloration mechanism of Hydroxyl-doped potassium bromide polycrystals by electrolysis with a pointed anode is given.

16.the amino resin will cross-link not only the alkyd but the Hydroxyl portion of the vinyl terpolymer.

17.the average Hydroxyl functionality of mco was measured by spectrum method.

18.alcohol: organic compounds characterized by a Hydroxyl group ( oh) bonded to a carbon atom.

19.the modified effect of the high Hydroxyl content acrylic resin was stronger than the low Hydroxyl content acrylic resin.

20.the dehydration of laterite could be divided into steps of removing free water, crystal water and Hydroxyl group at different temperature.

21.the present invention relates to a microgel latex with modified Hydroxyl group and a property of stable storage.

22.both the free Hydroxyl groups readily undergo esterification.

23.any of a class of weakly acidic organic compounds; molecule contains one or more Hydroxyl groups.

24.having only one Hydroxyl group to react with acids.

25.moreover, this polysaccharide revealed strong scavenging activities against Hydroxyl free radicals and dpph free radicals.

26.the high quality high-solids Hydroxyl acrylic resins with low viscosity were prepared by free radical polymerization.

27.molecular structure of phytic acid in twelve Hydroxyl, six phosphate.

28.any of a class of alcohols having 2 Hydroxyl groups in each molecule.

29.as substrate is reintroduced, neutrophil activity may heighten, increasing production of damaging superoxide and Hydroxyl radicals.

30.if one Hydroxyl steals other's hydrogen atom, it will turn into water molecule.

31.modified anionic collector mg-2 is a new peroxide Hydroxyl collector which is synthesized with fatty acids as raw material.

32.the surface physicochemical properties of Hydroxyl terminated polybutadiene(htpb)were studied by means of inverse gas chromatography(igc).

33.astronomers have found the Hydroxyl radical in the venusian atmosphere.

34.meanwhile, the scavenging effects of the prepared polysaccharides on Hydroxyl radical and superoxide radical were measured by biochemical method with ascorbic acid as a control.

35.the study on treatment contain other carbon sources of Hydroxyl benzene wastewater has certain significance.

36.methylol groups react with the Hydroxyl groups of the cellulose to form stable ether linkage.

37.this method was successfully applied to determine scavenging activities of chrysanthemum for Hydroxyl radical.

38.nile red and nile blue derivatives with carboxyl or amino or Hydroxyl group were synthesized, which were used to tag biological molecules.

39.the Hydroxyl ion has a negative charge.