Hydrothorax Sentence Examples | Use Hydrothorax in a sentence

1.objective: to analyse the cause of Hydrothorax in the process of hemodialysis and treatment.

2.objective to analyse the age, causes, treatment and recovery of Hydrothorax patients.

3.objective to observe the value of ada in differential diagnosis of Hydrothorax.

4.methods clinical data of 207 cases with effusion Hydrothorax were retrospectively analyzed according to groups of different ages.

5.objective: to explore the diagnostic significance and application value of determination of Hydrothorax ada for tuberculous pleurisy.

6.a right-sided Hydrothorax in association with this tumor is known as meig's syndrome.

7.objective: to observe the effect of malignant Hydrothorax treated with juanyin decoctionand intrathoracic chemotherapy.

8.the fetus also had bilateral Hydrothorax (seen in image 3), which prevented the expansion of lungs.

9.we obtained the Hydrothorax specimens and the pleural membrane specimens by puncture.

10.the diagnostic certainty of Hydrothorax exfoliative cytologic examination is 73. 1%.