Hydromica Sentence Examples | Use Hydromica in a sentence

1.main carrier-minerals of invisible gold are pyrite and Hydromica;

2.the clay minerals in shale are mainly Hydromica, next to it is kaolinite, halloysite, montmorillonite and little allophane.

3.the signet stones are the nonmetallic materials with chinese traditional characters and divided into many types on the base of minerals, such as pyrophyllite, dickite, sericite, Hydromica, kaolinite, quartz and calcite et al.

4.the ore consists of quartz rein and altered rock in type, dominated by fissure-type gold, crystal-lattice-type gold and visible gold, which are in the form of electrum and associated with quartz, pyrite, dalarnite and Hydromica.

5.and the ore contains Hydromica ( illite), quartz, organic material and algal fossil.

6.e., slowing down or holding back the transformation of Hydromica into mixed-layered mica-smectite, and consequently, decreased the k fixation capacity of soil.

7.the exposed gold accounted for about 33%, which was mainly distributed in Hydromica.

8.the results showed that long-term k fertilization had greater effects on the k fixation capacity of soils with lower Hydromica content.

9.kaolin formed by weathering of quartz-porphyry consists of kaolinite, halloysite, Hydromica, quartz and small amount of vermiculite.

10.in combination with x-ray diffraction and dta, it is confirmed that in addition to graphitic carbon the ore contains minor amounts of al_2o_2 and sio_2 as kaolinite and Hydromica.

11.dioctahedral Hydromica minerals and their thermal analysis

12.navajoite is as isomorphism hosting in the lattice of Hydromica which is the major hosting ore for navajoite.