Humiliated Sentence Examples | Use Humiliated in a sentence be Humiliated by her roman enemy or to seize control of the only power she has left, to end her life.

2.i had been Humiliated, and i had to prove that i was the best heavyweight around.

3.nzili says he was castrated, Humiliated, beaten, and now has no family of his own.

4.she had been beaten and Humiliated by her husband

5.he could not have told whether he was touched or Humiliated.

6.she had been Humiliated by her husband's involvement with a younger woman and the breakdown of their marriage.

7.governments have been bullied and greece in particular Humiliated.

8.then , having eaten the dust before him , having wept and Humiliated herself , she would be for a week absurdly happy.

9.i was so Humiliated when i couldn't remember her name. just completely debased and Humiliated him. Humiliated me in front of my friends.

12.i was so Humiliated when i called our client by the wrong name.

13.i've never been so betrayed and Humiliated in all my life. much of the muslim world, russia feels Humiliated by the west.

15.she threw the cake i'd made on the floor and stood on it. talk about being Humiliated!

16.she had Humiliated him in front of his friends.

17.she said that she also saw elderly palestinians being Humiliated on the streets, "and i thought these could be my parents or grandparents" .

18.he was ashamed and bitterly Humiliated.

19.they are utterly devoid of conscience, they even Humiliated these defenseless civilians.

20.she was jealous, Humiliated, and emotionally at the end of her tether

21.i guess i thought you were* Humiliated.

22.don't lie to me. you've Humiliated me enough.

23.holder declined to discuss the gates controversy, but he said when he was stopped, he felt Humiliated and angry. was beastly of you to laugh like that, i felt so Humiliated.

25.he was Humiliated and angry.

26.he knows what it feels like to be rejected and Humiliated.

27.i feel i have been publicly Humiliated.

28.when he said this, all his opponents were Humiliated, but the people were delighted with all the wonderful things he was doing.

29.i could die. i feel so Humiliated.

30.her son's affair had Humiliated and shamed her.

31.remember that you are acting as morally as you know how, and that you therefore have no reason to feel Humiliated.

32.i do not want to suspect anyone or make anyone feel Humiliated.

33.she Humiliated me by calling me names in front of my friends.

34.whether i've been Humiliated or not is something i can judge for myself.

35.i've been Humiliated into a guide.

36.that my dad showed up and Humiliated me? think i'm born to be Humiliated like that? boss Humiliated me in front of my coworkers by yelling at me.

39.'i had never received one single complaint against me,' claimed the Humiliated doctor

40.thaurissan and his dark irons did not fare as well. Humiliated and enraged by their defeat, they vowed revenge against ironforge.