Humiliate Sentence Examples | Use Humiliate in a sentence

1.though i aim at defeating you, should i succeed, i will not Humiliate you. it your mission in life to Humiliate yourself?

3.betty: this is what you wanted, isn't it, to Humiliate me and make me quit?

4.i think they're going to do a lot more than Humiliate you. was even more against our interest to permit the soviet union to overwhelm or to Humiliate cuba.

6.and though i am to defeat you, should i succeed i will not Humiliate you, instead, i will honor you.

7.i wasn't trying to Humiliate anybody.

8.can i please go to work and Humiliate myself now?'re trying to Humiliate me. i'm a man of my word.

10.Humiliate me like a dog!

11.notice how the very confessions you thought would Humiliate you actually boost your confidence.

12.Humiliate sb who has been impertinent or boastful a braggart soldier ( a stock figure in comedy). a not love your man tears, that is to Humiliate yourself.

14.she had been beaten and Humiliated by her husband

15.the elated sun wu mouth softly smiles, the heart says these two wenches to actually cooperate to Humiliate a someone another mini boy.

16."when you Humiliate them, it's more debilitating than stimulating, " he said in one such session.

17.after i had just gotten burned by a stupid girl who had nothing better to do than try to Humiliate me even more, i expected it to be tough. you could Humiliate me in public even sooner?

19.clearly, you cannot make a predictable dinner booking, otherwise your wife will certainly catch and Humiliate you.

20.if you don't applaud them, please don't bash or Humiliate them.

21.yao is so mean, why does he have to Humiliate howard like that?

22.there are people who want to Humiliate you and grind you down. his special way, malamud records this Humiliate history and shows a strong responsibility toward it.

24.still gray and soaked with sweat, he wanted to know: was my goal just to Humiliate him in public?

25.but a whole code of law applied to them, most of it designed to set them apart, Humiliate and emphasize their inferior status. could you Humiliate me by questioning my judgment in front of everyone like that?

27.the boy hesitated because he knew a wooden plate would Humiliate his grandmother. but his mother insisted, so off he went. just Humiliate all buddha students. was one of boylan's peculiarities that he wanted to Humiliate her.

30.should i succeed i will not Humiliate you. instead, i will honor you.

31.they tried to Humiliate me in front of all those people.

32.his teacher continually Humiliates him in maths lessons.

33.they pay me empty compliments which only Humiliate me. were deliberately trying to Humiliate me.

35.isn't it a pity that rather than cherishing these affinities, we always want to hurt and Humiliate each other instead?

36.designed to Humiliate and degrade this country. one can Humiliate or disturb us unless we let him.

38.she did this merely to Humiliate him.

39.i can Humiliate or humor, hurt or heal.