Humidity Sentence Examples | Use Humidity in a sentence

1.the Humidity is relatively low. an asthmatic, he cannot cope with the heat and Humidity wasn`t summer`s Humidity that had settled on me like a heavy net when i came into the kitchen.

4.the united nations is trying to help the somalis convert the vintage tapes to compact discs before Humidity and time overtake them.

5.wireless sensor network is often used for monitoring ambient temperature, Humidity, light intensity, gas concentration.

6.the new laser method is different because it uses natural Humidity levels and atmospheric conditions to create water droplets.

7.the effects of Humidity on the activity were studied in a continuous system.

8.also the curing of the resin is quite sensitive to temperature, Humidity and pressure.

9.condensate and excessive moisture can result in increased Humidity and increases in levels of microorganisms on surfaces of equipment.

10.such a trick could be mimicked using water tanks positioned in the bowels of a building to restore Humidity in hot, dry climates.

11.ambient air temperature and Humidity may also have an effect on the flammable limits.

12.the larger the material Humidity after its strength will be weak, and thus easy to draggle, or even unable to exhaust.

13.install the reference materials, temperature and Humidity, air conditioning and recorder is additional materials storehouse anti-static measure.

14.a process temperature and Humidity controller.

15.actual Humidity measurements in the boundary layers have been made with a microwave refractometer.

16.the heat and Humidity were insufferable.

17.condition data, such as temperature, Humidity, shock and vibration.

18.the grain is liable to mildew when the Humidity in the barn is too high.

19.being stable to changes in Humidity and temperature.

20.the sources for Humidity, dehumidification, heating, and refrigeration are all packaged in one self-contained unit.

21.along with the widely usage of Humidity and temperature detection system, the different professions have different requests.

22.the influence of air relative Humidity and mass flow on dust generation rate was determined.

23.maintenance of Humidity is vital for ciliary function.

24.the bottom line is that the heat index is an extremely important measure for understanding heat and Humidity's impact on the body.

25.other factors such as irrigation and deforestation can also affect local temperatures and Humidity.

26.performance research on an inverter constant temperature and Humidity air conditioner with high precision is provided by experiment.

27.the prediction of solar radiation and Humidity ratio is also discussed.

28.heat is the weather continued to maintain the excessive heat may also be accompanied by high Humidity.

29.air-conditioning: the control of air Humidity, temperature, movement and cleanliness of an ambient environment.

30.the Humidity of soil helps to grow.

31.german research scientists have found a way of converting this air Humidity autonomously into drinkable water.

32.objective to observe the effect of relative Humidity on indoor concentrations of formaldehyde and ammonia.

33.the two chief function of any air-conditioning system are the regulation of air temperature and Humidity.

34.he wanted to pop out to the corner shop, but realised he would have to put on a smart shirt and trousers, despite the intense Humidity.

35.the house is not comfortable tonight because of the high Humidity.

36.provides the methods for analysing uncertainties of temperature and Humidity in climatic test chambers.

37.pilots complained that the radars in the mirages malfunctioned during conditions of high Humidity

38.this was followed by laminating before or immediately after, pine and electrostatic after causing great weather is often seen in Humidity. offers outstanding impact resistance over a wide temperature and Humidity range and high productivity. is convenient to various areas or production in which ambient temperature and Humidity need to be measured.