Humid Sentence Examples | Use Humid in a sentence

1.there are rain forests in this region, due to the more Humid, rainy climate.

2.unpleasantly cool and Humid.

3.sediments illite crystallinity measurements showed that the ancient Humid climate had gradually changed from the evolution of drying. was a hot, Humid summer day not paint when it is cold or very Humid and when its very hot and dry.

6.on a Humid stretch of pacific coast in one of the poorest parts of the americas, somebody seems to have misplaced a chunk of manhattan.

7.the hot and Humid climate of cyprus. and Humid weather naturally inhibits the appetite. Humid conditions, it can survive on land for several days.

10.the day is overcast and Humid. not use it in hot, cold, dusty or Humid circumstances.

12.if i think about the air being more Humid, then i might expect to see trends in the heat index.

13.handling and exhausting of dry and Humid gases; entrained liquid can be handled during normal duty.

14.a damp basement or Humid summer weather will add to this condition. least most races are held in the morning, when it is usually cooler and more Humid, than later in the day, when it is hotter and drier.

16.visitors can expect hot and Humid conditions

17.the fresh air is sometimes Humid from the abundant rainfall of this area.

18.torrential storm occurs in stronger frontal zone of energy, high Humid region and water vapor flux convergence region. was a hot and Humid day recently and i decided that some of my favorite cold soup would be just the ticket.

20.especial suit for install at kitchen and bathroom, Humid environment.

21.samoa's climate is sultry, alternately sunny and rainy, but always hot and Humid.

22.the weather was so hot and Humid that we all felt uncomfortable.

23.they can be found essentially in swampy regions and Humid zones.

24.then, it is pointed out that the high Humid weather distinctly varies with regions and seasons;

25.overweight and sweating in the Humid weather, she stamped from room to room.

26.the moisture in the air makes it Humid today.'s hot out — very hot, very Humid. i sat down on that hot and Humid evening, there seemed no solutions to the problems thrashing around in brain.

29.i do not want to swelter through another hot and Humid summer.

30.he said a number of factors had contributed to this, including the hot and Humid weather in beijing, as well as the rain.

31.the tropical rainforest is a very Humid place.

32.sealed in a Humid box, she returned to dust. but i never regarded the thought that "her souls was still alive" as a bizarre one.

33.washington can get very hot and Humid in the summer and very cold and snowy in the winter.'s always hot and Humid.

35.this weather is so Humid.'s important for the air to be a little Humid. it makes it easier for him to cough up the sputum.

37.a young wife sat on a sofa on a hot Humid day, drinking iced tea and visiting with her mother. has been pretty Humid these last few days. was thought to need Humid caves, and conservationists feared it had been wiped out as the forests dried out after extensive logging.

40.of weather or climate; hot and Humid as in the tropics.