Humic Sentence Examples | Use Humic in a sentence

1.the paper reviews the progress of research and development on Humic acid and Humic acid fertilizer.

2.effect of oxalate and Humic acid on arsenate sorption by a red soil using xafs method

3.this paper is a general review on Humic substances research.

4.Humic acid was extracted from swampy soil in zhongdian on yunnan.

5.the interaction mechanism of pentachlorophenol with Humic acid (ha) was investigated by the fluorescent quenching effect in this paper.

6.yellow Humic acid(or fulvic acid fa) was an active constituents of Humic acid. its national resources was more amendment.

7.a comparative study of the Humic acid adsorption capability between kaolinite and montmorillonite

8.but the oil fields whose major contributing components are undisputedly Humic coal have not been discovered so far.

9.the effect of Humic acid on the species and distribution of thallium in polluted soil

10.ginger specific Humic acid fertilizer obviously increased the urease activity, invertase activity and acid phosphatase activity.

11.this paper describes the principles and methods of extracting Humic acid product from lignite. on the extraction technology and structure of Humic acid from peat

13.using the uv-vis spectroscopy, the interactions of pesticide and soil Humic acid ( ha) were investigated.

14.effects of ph values and ion strengths on bindings between Humic acid and pyrene

15.the preparation, properties and application of Humic acid resin acid are introduced in terms of energy comprehensive utilization. the free acid and metal salt (Humic acid salt) and exist in coal in a group of high molecular weight, disorder compounds group.

17.effects of Humic acid and nitrogen on yield and quality formation of edible sweet potato

18.results show that this means can measures the purity of Humic acid easily and accurately . on Humic acid activation of inorganic phosphorus in soil

20.the present invention relates to a Humic acid type composite spray fertilizer, a real multielement composite fertilizer.

21.extraction of Humic substances from sediments is often the first task that confronts the investigator.

22.effects of nitric acid treatment on content and adsorption characteristics of extractable Humic acid in brown coal

23.effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on yield and quality of cherry tomato under Humic acid

24.effects of Humic acid and compost on speciation transformation of zinc and lead in soil

25.they believe that the Humic materials are leached from decaying plant materials.

26.application effect of Humic acid sodium made from peat in the mixed sandy soil;

27.the content and function of Humic substances in water resource were described, and the relationship between Humic acid and environmental concerns was also analyzed in this paper.

28.effects of ionic strength, temperature and Humic substances concentration on the sorption of th(ⅳ) to attapulgite

29.the invention discloses a Humic acid composite slow-release fertilizer and a method for preparing the same.

30.oxidation and coagulation of Humic substances from landfill leachate by fenton's reagent

31.controlling ammonia volatilization by mixing urea with Humic acid, fulvic acid, triple superphosphate and muriate of potash

32.effects of chemical fertilizer combined corn stalk application on the quantity and infrared spectra of Humic acids in soil aggregates

33.removal of Humic acid in water with the combination of tio_2 photocatalytic oxidation and microfiltration on adsorption of cu, zn, mo and mn by Humic acid

35.effect of ph, anions and cations on the dissolution kinetics of Humic acid particles

36.effects of soil nutrients, Humic acid and zinc fertilizers on yield and leaf quality of flue-cured tobacco

37.adsorption characteristics and kinetics of mercury on Humic acids

38.the ammonia volatilization reduction of Humic acid urea correlated significantly with its nutrient-release mode and soil ambient.

39.we use the best lignite or peat, activity Humic acid sodium manufacturing.