Humeri Sentence Examples | Use Humeri in a sentence

1.objective discussing the clinical effect of fractures in the condylus Humeri and suprachondy in children using the fragment fixation pin.

2.chinese medicine in harmony with massaging treatment of articulatio Humeri periarthritis

3.the measurement and analysis of the three-dimensional geometry of the adult proximal Humeri

4.treatment of capitulum Humeri fractures with absorbable screw internal fixation via anterior elbow approach

5.compared with simply using overseas data, it is better to study morphological parameters of native proximal Humeri to instruct the preoperative preparation and operation of national total shoulder arthroplasty surgery. and it is meaningful to design national parameters.

6.anterior elbow approach and internal fixation for the treatment of capitulum Humeri fractures

7.methods divide 60 brain apoplexy patients into observation group and control group equally. the patients in observation group use shoulder belt protector to protect affected articulatio Humeri from dislocation beyond normal treatment and rehabilitation training.

8.condyle plate fixation for twenty two cases of surgical collum Humeri combined humeral caput fractures treatment of coronal shear fracture of the capitellum Humeri of adults

10.innervation of lateral epicondyle Humeri: a myoelectric study

11.the cure of fracture in the condylus Humeri and suparachondy in children using the fragment fixation pin

12.the caput Humeri is the head of the humerus which fits into a cavity in the scapula.

13.suffer from oblique tones shoulder arm pain, articulation Humeri is many direction activity obstacle.

14.nature lesion removing shoulder sleeve tearing, articulation Humeri tuberculosis, tumour and other purulence at the same time.

15.two-dimensional measurement of the caput Humeri with laser projection

16.peri-operational treatment to artificial caput Humeri subsitution of senile humerus proximal fracture

17.【 objective 】 to evaluate the clinical effect of surgical collum Humeri combined humeral caput fractures treated with condyle plate.

18.nature lesion removing shoulder sleeve tearing , articulation Humeri tuberculosis , tumour and other purulence at the same time.

19.objective to study the relationship between innervation of lateral epicondylar Humeri and cervical root nerve.

20.four weeks after the injection, the femora and Humeri were examined histopathologically for the presence of on, and the sizes of the bone marrow fat cells were also measured.