Humeral Sentence Examples | Use Humeral in a sentence

1.conclusion the shape-memory sawtooth-arm embracing fixator is not a good internal fixator in the treatment of Humeral shaft fracture.

2.neither Humeral head necrosis nor shoulder dislocation did happened post operation.

3.objective to explore the method and effects of using unilateral external fixation to treat nonunion Humeral fracture.

4.the olecranon osteotomy treatment of comminuted Humeral condylar fracture

5.objective to investigate the efficacy of acupuncture plus medicinal cake separated moxibustion for treating external Humeral epicondylitis.

6.background : temporary elbow stiffness after the treatment of a supracondylar Humeral fracture in a child is often a concern of parents.

7.x-ray: # (r) noh , has few osteophyte around the right Humeral head, especially the lateral side and the posterior side.

8.comparative study of antegrade and retrograde intramedullary nailing for the treatment of Humeral shaft fractures

9.each of these may be potentially associated with an anterior or posterior Humeral head dislocation.

10.locked plates designed specifically for the proximal humerus have in common multiple fixed-angle points of fixation into the Humeral head.

11.surgical treatment of Humeral supracondylar fracture

12.objectiveto explore the causes for dysfunctions in elbow flexion and extension after internal fixation for Humeral intercondylar fractures.

13.objective to comparatively analyze the effect of compression plate and interlocking medullary nail for Humeral shaft fracture.

14.treatment of osteoporotic proximal Humeral fracture by locking plate

15.methods to analyse the injury mechanism, operative methods, and follow-up results in48 child cases of capitulum Humeral fracture.

16.the analysis of treatments and reasons for the failure of 8 cases of plate fixation for the proximal Humeral fractures

17.conclusions both external fixation and intramedullary fixation produce excellent results in Humeral shaft nonunions if applied properly.

18.methods a retrospective study compared proximal Humeral locking plate with the leaf plate for the treatment of proximal humerus fractures.

19.objective to observe the treatment effects of hook pins to Humeral supracondylar and distal shaft fractures.

20.surgical treatment for complicated proximal Humeral fractures and analysis of efficacy

21.effect of locking compression plate combined with scaled cancellous bone graft on postoperative nonunion of Humeral shaft fracture

22.expandable intramedullary nail for treating Humeral shaft fractures in patients with multiple injuries

23.retrospective study of the therapy of advanced-age proximal Humeral fractures with Humeral head prosthesis and locking compression plate

24.kirschner wire in the elderly proximal Humeral fractures

25.treatment of distal comminuted Humeral fracture with serious osteoporosis by total elbow arthroplasty

26.two methods of treatment of proximal Humeral fractures in elderly 60 cases of clinical observation

27.effect of intraoperative baumann's angle and cubitus varus deformity after Humeral supracondylar fracture of children

28.biomechanical test of internal fixations in the treatment of complex proximal Humeral fracture

29.application and comparison of two different method for Humeral shaft fractures

30.a study of progress of researches on surgical treatment of the proximal Humeral fracture in the elders

31.cubitus varus is the most difficult question in the treatment of Humeral supracondylar fracture in children.

32.objective: to measure chinese Humeral head for the design of Humeral prosthesis component by ct osteometry.

33.Humeral shaft fracture; manual reduction; functional exercise; traditional chinese medicine. this study, we assessed the radiographic and clinical results of a single surgeon's experience treating proximal Humeral fractures with a locked proximal Humeral plate.

35.objective to evaluate the results of treating humerus surgical neck fractures with proximal Humeral anatomical plate.

36.thickening of imitation leather handle, material qualitative soft, carry up to no le hand, also can a single Humeral back!

37.objective: to introduce a method for the treatment of proximal Humeral fracture-dislocation with closed reduction and semi-open operation and evaluate its clinical effect.

38.i all over joint aches, especially what shoulder aches is fierce, be arthritis or is Humeral week phlogistic augural ah?

39.a comparative analysis of locking compression plate and clover plate for elderly proximal Humeral fractures