Humectant Sentence Examples | Use Humectant in a sentence

1.imitating the mechanism of the thio-modified Humectant, the thio-modified d& c red no.

2.the process of making o/ w type cosmetics, such as cream, milky and shampoo with sorbitol as Humectant is discussed in this paper.

3.conclusion the optimum formulation is of moderate viscosity with good spread and Humectant properties.

4.corn syrup is a " Humectant and plasticizer" i. e. gives the product dampness and flexibility or chewiness.

5.the present invention discloses a kind of tobacco Humectant, which is water solution of pyrrolidone carboxylate.

6.compared to other normal Humectants, n-thioacetyl-dl-serine could be used as a broad, lasting Humectant moisturize because of its moisturizing stability in different moisture level.

7.pva pvp were used as the skeletal material of preparation, glycerol as Humectant and plasticizer;

8.special hair fomulation, various high concentrations plant extraction liquid and sweet smell plant essence, Humectant and natural albumens can make show the hair as one's pleases already set.

9.lanolin acts as a Humectant absorbing moisture from the environment to keep the skin moist. component: nanometer titanium pigment, pearl powder, nmf Humectant , squalane, beeswax, etc.

11.the results show that cosmetics with sorbitol as Humectant not only can reach quality standard and has strong ability of moisture control, but also can lower the cost of cosmetics.

12.conclusion the optimum formulation is of moderate viscosity with good spreadable and Humectant properties.

13.sugar is a natural Humectant that ensures long-lasting moisture.

14.sunburn can occur during winter. especially if you're on the ski slopes, so select a moisturizer that contains both a sunscreen and natural Humectant like, vitamin e.

15.ingredient: seaweed high moisture factor, natural Humectant, levo -rotatory vc, seaweed essence, pearl protein.

16.the moisture absorption Humectant adopts trehalose quaternary ammonium salt as a moisture absorption moisturizing agent.

17.the development of the whitening agent, the thickener, the abrasive and the Humectant are introduced in this paper, the corresponding questions which need to be improved are put forward too.

18.the effects of compound Humectant are different from single performance Humectant and sensuous Humectants.

19.chelating agent has extensive application in many fields of food industry. it can be used as stabilizer and coagulator, antioxidant, acidity regulator, Humectant, preservative, nutrition enhancer etc.

20.however the fda failed to mention that deg is also used as a Humectant in tobacco products such as cigarettes. on the use of glycol glucoside as Humectant of cosmetics the synthesis of the thio-modified hair Humectant n-thioacetyl-dl-serine and the thio-modified dye thio-modified d c red no.

22.manufacturing Humectant by hydrolyzing wheat embryo with acid/ enzyme

23.main compositions : plant extracted solution by concentration , trehalose , Humectant from marine life and soothing cream .

24.fruit of the exotic buriti palm, combined with natural hops, provides natural spf protection, Humectant properties, and plumps the lips.