Humdrum Sentence Examples | Use Humdrum in a sentence

1.we should hesitate to admit this if it were merely a question of Humdrum dwellers on this corner of the universe called earth.

2.your last video was quite Humdrum as compared to this one.

3.she was glad to be out of the flat, because already she felt that it was a narrow, Humdrum place, and that interest and joy lay elsewhere.

4.there are also few new experiences for you, just the Humdrum of daily life and the loneliness of having to get on with it on your own.

5.most men devote themselves to rather Humdrum things: family weekends, holidays at the seaside.

6.though you have enough sleep, you will feel sleepy when you are Humdrum.

7.was it a Humdrum crime of trying to steal banking details? Humdrum was the technical work that it killed wu yu's patience. he hoped to be unique. he needed more space for himself.

9.but low-skilled and Humdrum jobs, particularly in manufacturing, have gone overseas, or fallen victim to automation.

10.she goes about this methodically, stacking up a series of detailed case studies to show how the Humdrum activity of running a business does a lot of economic good.

11.the new government seemed rather Humdrum.

12.they basically primp and pose through the same Humdrum motions they did before.

13.she was tired of the Humdrum life in the countryside and desired to go out.

14.the uk's three most popular soaps focus not on the beautiful or the damned, but on normal folk engaged in Humdrum tasks like buying cheese, arguing about pottery or tending to their farms.

15.a Humdrum existence; all work and no play; nothing is so monotonous as the sea.

16.when you've spent half your political life dealing with Humdrum issues like the environment, it's exciting to have a real crisis on your hands.

17.but in the ordinary Humdrum case, here i am, my body.

18.last but not least, students' creativity tends to be repressed due to the Humdrum and dull homework.

19.growth and recovery were in fact both driven by Humdrum export industries, an area of business generally shunned by the tycoons because it involves international competition.

20.example: 2.being an accountant was too Humdrum for the ambitious young executive, so she quit after less than a year and looked for a more exciting job.

21.Humdrum office life was briefly interrupted with a little drama.

22.i can't imagine the aridity and Humdrum of people's lives.

23.this vignette is all too familiar to many software developers – even Humdrum – but from the overall team perspective, there are several interesting things happening here. technology has been part of everyday life for many years now, so logically there's a whole generation of individuals for whom concepts such as the internet and wireless technology are just Humdrum, because they've never lived in a world where they didn't exist.

25.she let a ray of originality into his Humdrum life.

26.they are craving a change of pace in their Humdrum life.

27.after all, take a more familiar Humdrum example.

28.their life consist of the Humdrum activity of everyday existence.

29.making tomato sauce was Humdrum domestic work that did not contribute to my goals and, more important, wasn't scheduled.

30.these activities seem to be far more profitable than the Humdrum business of managing payments and channelling savings towards investment.

31.making tomato sauce was Humdrum domestic work that did not contribute to my goals and , more important, wasn't scheduled.

32.hours before the panic began, there were signs that thursday was not shaping up to be a Humdrum day.

33.last but not least, students'creativity tends to be repressed due to the Humdrum and dull homework.

34.reality always look better in slow motion. even the most Humdrum events can seem like the most dramatic moment of an action film. is both a sobering and exciting thought, whether you are now sitting on a holiday beach, in a Humdrum office or anywhere else in the world.

36.imagination raises a man above the Humdrum of life.

37.smoking is nothing but to spend Humdrum time. was a narrow, Humdrum place.

39.she led a Humdrum existence-all work and no play.