Humbug Sentence Examples | Use Humbug in a sentence

1.'bah! Humbug! 'said scrooge. 'Humbug! 'was a word scrooge loved to use about anything he thought stupid or foolish. 'go away! go away! '

2.scrooge said 'bah'and'Humbug! 'again, and'go away'. he could not think of anything better to say.

3.once more, and finally as it seemed to me, i pronounced him in my heart, a Humbug.

4.she was perfectly aware of the Humbug.

5.trying to hit a Humbug was a waste of effort.

6.she, the widow said, had not been taken in by that Humbug; we'd never see the poor woman again.

7.before you find yourself muttering " bah Humbug, " try these tips for rediscovering the joy of the holidays.'re a Humbug. ― you're another.

9.what a revolting Humbug the man was!

10.i am going to expose all this Humbug.

11.there was all the usual Humbug and obligatory compliments from ministers that way one is sure of accepting no Humbug.

13.all these fine words are nothing but Humbug. jones called him a'lying Humbug '. is Humbug to pretend that this is not a motive, and a strong one. . .

16.yet mr ryan is neither the heartless ideologue nor the Humbug liberal critics have made him out to be.

17.and all that kind of Humbug talky - talk , just the way people always does at a supper , you know.

18.this is all Humbug and good humor, of course.

19.bah Humbug! i love christmas, but the shopping has got to go. here's why. warning: this will be a rant of near-epic proportions .

20.and you to travel to further your impressionistic Humbug!

21.the minister claimed that the government didn't know about the arms sale but that's just Humbug.

22.Humbug a person out of a few pence

23.that idea is a load of Humbug. bah! Humbug!

25.simply stated, only a fool like sam will believe this Humbug.

26.i know my words can seem to him nothing but utter Humbug.

27.the man who can still Humbug himself has before him a future not lacking in brightness.

28.i called lord john a lying Humbug. is Humbug to pretend that this is not a motive, and a strong one.

30.'christmas is Humbug! surely you don't mean that, uncle?' said his nephew.