Humbly Sentence Examples | Use Humbly in a sentence

1.what an encouragement this should be to us to Humbly wait upon god with an upright heart;

2.'what did you want to ask me-i am sure i will answer it,' she continued Humbly.

3.Humbly confess your faults. this dedication of a nation we Humbly ask the blessing of god.

5.i Humbly request that you use this thread to provide me with some of your major questions and concerns.

6." thank you for your time . " i said Humbly.

7."that would be lovely of you, polly," he said Humbly.

8.beyond that i only look to the gracious protection of the divine being whose strengthening support i Humbly solicit.

9.i Humbly share my love for all people on earth!

10."i beg your pardon," said alice very Humbly.

11.mike he Humbly said that of course the male lead won him by a bit, but he did not have to compare with him, he wanted to work towards that.

12."thank you for your time. " i said Humbly, "is there any else you would like your children to know? "

13.jesus sat Humbly on the back of an ass, my child!

14.'you know much more about it, sir, than i do,'said john Humbly.

15.wise king, i Humbly request an audience.

16.of the dalton home, the same door before which he had stood so Humbly with his cap in his hand a little less than a week ago.

17.she would not have complained nor rebelled, but would have Humbly accepted the decree.

18.we Humbly accept their mandate.

19." thank you for your time . what else you want your sons know ? " i said Humbly .

20.he needs to know that jesus has power and love, and Humbly admit that he needs that.

21."let me help you undress, dearest," she said Humbly. client Humbly requests that you manage an orphanage home for her in your country where the less privileged and orphans can come and stay.

23.i now Humbly hope that my words can do the same for others.

24."thank you for your time," i said Humbly.

25.till, thinking that this might after all be true, she relented, and said quite Humbly, 'i beg your pardon, sir.

26.i Humbly took my shelter under the wayside shade where every strange traveller may stand.

27.let me Humbly share a few with the graduates.

28."thank you for your time, " i said Humbly, "is there anything else you'd like your children to know? "

29.the grandfather Humbly pulled off his hat and thanked her.

30."you must be right, sir," said john Humbly.

31.he embraced her, solemnly commended her to heaven, and Humbly thanked heaven for having bestowed her on him.

32.i must apologize for intruding into your private email address, but i Humbly ask that you take due consideration of its importance and immense benefit it will be to you. act justly and to love mercy and to walk Humbly with your god.

34.if you still do not know, i would Humbly ask the teachers, students, until the date understand.

35.once again, we Humbly offer our sincere thoughts, prayers and condolences to everyone affected by this tragedy.

36.with this recommendation by the security council, i will Humbly put myself for consideration by the general assembly.

37.he sat Humbly on the floor, like an innocent child waiting for god to descend. is your job to comport yourself Humbly and to consistently hew to your moral ideals. praying Humbly for something.

40.i Humbly beg your forgiveness.