Humbler Sentence Examples | Use Humbler in a sentence

1.under the influence of confucian ethical code, the social status of female in chinese feudal society has been much Humbler than male, which is reflected in the laws of every dynasty.

2.the same kind of pleasure, though in a less intense form, is to be derived from a great deal of work of a Humbler kind.

3.those engaged in preaching the glories of the lord should be Humbler than grass and more tolerant than a tree; prahalad was particularly struck by the ability of these firms to harness the ideas of their Humbler employees.

5.the Humbler but vaster bulk trade in european waters, it was another addition to the republic's resources.

6.millions of Humbler americans are spending a few days fishing, camping or lounging on less exclusive beaches.

7.the Humbler gentes had their common rites. bring to a Humbler, weaker, difficult, or forced state or condition; especially.

9.but there are many Humbler forms of the same kind of pleasure. conserves addresses through application port-level multiplexing.

10.she was ashamed of her humble background. the Humbler gentes had their common rites. jung is quick to point out that avon offers opportunities to women in Humbler positions as well.

12.after crosses and losses men grow Humbler& wiser.

13.only for a laugh, and caught up in the Humbler memories of the misery of it.

14.but others, greater and therefore Humbler, became clear channels through which the music was heard unimpeded.

15.their Humbler followers, such as partridges, they are all descended from the rock-pigeon.

16.her eyes could not reach him; and the concert being just opening, she must consent for a time to be happy in an Humbler way.

17.his wall street status is a long way from his Humbler roots.

18.fiscal responsibility would have to suddenly triumph, which would mean americans would have to choose to live Humbler lives.

19.policymakers hardly want to declare that, thanks to their efforts, the surviving bankers will be buying palaces, while Humbler folk worry about their jobs and homes, and face decades of fiscal austerity.

20.their Humbler followers, such as partridges have a like power of strong propulsion.

21.the tatars say they will not be deterred from creating a new, Humbler life here, despite the gathering political and military storm.

22.manufacturers are considering a similar strategy for india, where entry-level cars are Humbler than those in china-and so the need to protect premium brands more acute.

23.and yet today's historians are far Humbler about what they can hope to achieve than modern economists.

24.women apparently are Humbler ( not always a good thing, in this context): their chief fear is seeming nervous, tied at 19% with being unable to answer a specific question.

25.smaller people are often faster, more nimble, Humbler, take up fewer resources, and are very very beautiful (my wife is an example).

26.he lost his position and had to take a Humbler teaching job.

27.on the other hand, the court also tries to make sure that the voices of much Humbler folk are heard, albeit indirectly.