Humbleness Sentence Examples | Use Humbleness in a sentence

1.consciousness is the mother of progress; Humbleness is the source of degeneration.

2.along with his Humbleness because he knew so little, there arose a conviction of power.

3.neither riches nor honours can corrupt him; neither poverty nor Humbleness can make him swerve from principle; and neither threats nor forces can subdue him.

4.we have the responsibility to inherit the past, in all Humbleness, and pass it on to the future.

5.some Humbleness would be welcome here. we are only a decade or two into m theory.

6.he bows his head and you experience his Humbleness.

7.all these phenomena reveal that modesty, Humbleness and courtesy are common rules both for man and for god.

8.this awesome responsibility must be faced with great Humbleness and awareness of my own frailty. honesty and Humbleness let us ask the lord's forgiveness for our arrogance in thinking we are without certain sins. show her Humbleness and respect for senior colleagues, chi xiao, 21, used to call them master regardless of their age.

11.he emphasizes that learning is for practical use and the outcome of the learning depends on several non-intelligence factors such as Humbleness, dedication, faith, and persistence.

12.however, some Humbleness about our "modern" risk-management skills is certainly welcome.

13."we must just work with Humbleness and remain with our feet on the ground, " he said.

14.not an Humbleness that becomes morbid or lacking in beauty.

15.this is a very big moment for him and his wife, and they will be very appreciative if the person to whom they are handing over their daughter expresses Humbleness, caring and sensitivity.

16.the true man of perfect practice even forgets his own body&, which maybe is the best conclusion for our discussion about size and shape, rich and poor, and nobleness and Humbleness.

17.from an early age, i learned the value of a hard day's work and was taught all-enduring traits like honesty and Humbleness.

18.expression of respect and Humbleness in english and chinese locality words

19.consultants express Humbleness when it comes to forecasting where the crisis will have taken china in one or two year's time.

20.give me thr fruit of meekness, so that i may communicate in Humbleness.

21.part two analysed and summarized the honour and Humbleness of orientation words involved in the rite books from different aspects, such as standing, seat-setting, wedding, sacrifice rite, funeral tradition, riding and so on. then analysed the reason caused it.

22.keqi not only means considerate, polite, and well mannered, but also represents Humbleness and modesty.

23.chinese tend to be shy and are reluctant to demonstrate their talents due to a traditional value of Humbleness.

24.just as i was in joy and Humbleness to receive the sun's favor, i saw my shadow behind me, which was projected on the ship and dragging its way to the sea.

25.thankfulness is to reject arrogance and choose gentleness and Humbleness.

26.only by the view of personal interest, there are nobleness and Humbleness, high and low position, and the light and the heavy.

27.what i take from sam is her Humbleness, her ability to reach out to others, to give effortlessly.

28.i try to maintain a level of Humbleness to this, he told the guardian newspaper, adding that his motivation wasn't simply monetary reward. general, language referring to oneself exhibits self-deprecating Humbleness, while language referring to others shows approval and respect. feel a Humbleness and meekness than ever before due to the mergence in penetrating and bringing the ego to its knees.

31.the road of life usually needs to pass through Humbleness, dilemma, trials and hardships.

32.chinese women are in the passive position all the time, suffering from extreme Humbleness and reliance on men.

33.from an early age, i learned the value of a hard day's work and was taught all-enduring traits like honesty and Humbleness .

34.i enlarged the designs and painted them on to the cloth to make them more dramatic, she says, but i chose to use raw linen to keep the Humbleness of the cloth. is with Humbleness , great pride and a sense of trepidation that i deliver the maiden speech as the first mp of asian ethnic origin.

36.arrogance will not make you be respected by others; Humbleness however makes you respectable.