Humble Sentence Examples | Use Humble in a sentence

1.the crowd, for some reason, seems to ignore or quickly forget the good that the poor and Humble man accomplishes through his wisdom.

2.spyros latsis started his career as a Humble fisherman in the aegean my Humble opinion.

4.he is still the butt of cruel jokes about his Humble origins.

5.he said to them, "empty it, by all means, but leave an old man his Humble bag so that he might gather a coin or two in future. "

6.when you know your work and are Humble about it than there is no reason that you would not get the desired appreciation.

7.andy was a Humble, courteous and gentle man.

8.the star of my medicine cabinet is the Humble aspirin

9.third-placed barnet were Humbled 3-0 at crewe. won fame in the 1980s as the little car company that Humbled the industry giants is, in my Humble opinion, perhaps the best steak restaurant in great britain. neither conceited nor excessively Humble.

13.china is nothing if not Humble about how much further it has to go to build a musical theatre industry.

14.thomas has not forgotten his Humble origins.

15.from this Humble beginning he climbed to a position at the very top.

16.if you want to grow in holiness this lent, put your hand in marry's, and ask her to help you to become meek and Humble.

17.varndell made his own reflector for these shots from a strip of Humble kitchen foil.

18.defeat and failure make people Humble.

19.all we can offer you is Humble fare.

20.he gave a great performance, but he was very Humble

21.she was despised because she was of Humble origin.

22.had it not been for the Humble typewriter, austin might have been all politics and football, and no venture capital.

23.only a strong, but more Humble america can pull off the trick of dealing with an emerging superpower and a fast-growing region, he says.

24.there are restaurants, both Humble and expensive, that specialize in them experts are extolling the virtues of the Humble potato

26.ted's words Humbled me

27.he fought many hard battles and achieved notable merits, but he remains Humble in spirits.

28.a man among men is he who knows when to eat Humble pie and when to hold his head high.

29.his views come from his own Humble beginnings.

30.anson was forced to eat Humble pie and publicly apologise to her.

31.we must be Humble, for we are compassed by mysteries.

32.i was still in a corner of the Humble found a bc in ancient egypt, the stone engraved with the cuneiform , carefree and send the idea.

33.he is very Humble towards his superiors.

34.please accept my Humble apologies for not arriving on time.

35.he had to Humble himself for the sake of his son.

36.he came from a fairly Humble, poor background.

37.i am sure millions of viewers were Humbled by this story.

38.the knowing of it all will Humble you to its power yet let the brightness of you shine everywhere it needs to.

39.many famous people are surprisingly Humble.

40.all this had been watched for a whole year by a neighbour, a fat shopkeeper, and not a Humble one but the owner of two grocer's shops.