Humate Sentence Examples | Use Humate in a sentence

1.single radish's weight increased with the using of fertilizer and Humate.

2.the fulvic acid or humic acid is the body, in which some proper lipophilic group or hydrophilic group has been inducted, of the series of Humate surfactants.

3.preparation of sodium Humate coal bars and characteristics of their gasification process

4.a pool-culture experiment was conducted to study the effects of potassium Humate on the growth and active oxygen metabolism of ginger root.

5.influences of sodium Humate concentration change in compounded sodium Humate ointment on the therapeutic effect of scalded wound

6.updating the method for determining sodium Humate in the coal rod

7.the experiment shows that the optimum addition amount of sodium Humate is 2% of p2o5 content in the neutralizing slurry.

8.functions of sodium Humate in flotation of the sulphide minerals containing low copper

9.effects of potassium Humate on ginger root growth and its active oxygen metabolism

10.the study of protection of pr sol by sodium Humate

11.this article deals with productive technology oi potassium Humate with decomposed coal.

12.the results showed that sodium Humate had significant promotive effect on the activities of extracellular-amylase and extracellular-protease.

13.the study on the water absorption ability of potassium Humate/ attapulgite clay/ polyacrylic acid composite superabsorbent

14.the ability of corrosion inhibition and synergistic effect of water treatment agent of sodium Humate ( ha-na) with zn~ ( 2+) and sodium gluconate were studied through dynamic experiments.

15.however, Humate-p is the first product specifically for patients with severe vad who are undergoing major surgery.

16.effect of Humate compound fertilizer on physiological characteristics and yield of wheat under irrigated and rain-fed conditions

17.synthesis and decoloring properties of sodium Humate/ polyisopropylacrylamide/ clay composite hydrogels

18.fertilizer: potassium Humate, sodium Humate.

19.the promoting effects of sodium sulfate, magnesium sulfate and sodium Humate on limestone dissolution in flue gas desulfurization ( fgd) process were studied in a stirred tank.

20.potassium Humate can make the constuction of soil better and improve its fertilizer efficiency.

21.the co-application of ammonium Humate and stainless steel slag significantly decreased the total and available soil cadmium concentrations.

22.research on treating waste water containing heavy metals by absorption of sodium alginate-sodium Humate

23.effects of crosslinking degree on the properties of guar gum-g-poly ( acrylic acid)/ sodium Humate superabsorbents

24.the content of ca in peel of huangguan pear sprayed by 30% calcium Humate was highest.

25.clinical observation and nursing care of patients with diabetic foot treated with sodium Humate in combination with insulin external applying

26.adsorption of pb~ ( 2+) onto poly ( acrylic acid-co-acrylamide)/ montmorillonite/ sodium Humate composite

27.further studies showed that sodium Humate could increase its function at the presence of ca 2+.

28.effects of potassium Humate on the soil humus, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium in huangguan pears were studied.

29.but active potassium Humate processing and potassium Humate made no difference.

30.humic acid, nitro-humic acid, potassium Humate, sodium Humate, sodium sulphate anhydrous, caustic soda, cron starch, ammonium bicarbonate.

31.mechanism of sodium Humate in enhancing ball milling efficiency

32.the effects of magnesium sulfate mixed with sodium Humate were also tested. the same time, khm insecticidal activity, the strength of bactericidal effect of sodium Humate than good.

34.application effect of fertilizer and Humate on radish was studied by field trial in jingzhou, hubei province.

35.effects of potassium Humate on storage root quality of edible sweetpotato

36.the test results using pure mineral show that the combination of sodium Humate and calcium hypochlorite is an effective depressant of pyrite. in alkaline medium, magnetic field is favourable for depressing pyrite.

37.the effect of application Humate and fertilizer on radish