Humanness Sentence Examples | Use Humanness in a sentence

1.the strategies include: adhere to people oriented principle, which make the education more Humanness; adhere to teaching students according to their aptitude, making the education more persuasive; strengthen the cooperation of school, family and social education, which makes the education more systematical.

2.the Humanness is sincere, be good at communication, having the good social interaction, having the stronger team consciousness. and application of color's psychological effect model in Humanness web guide system

4.the only bond worth anything between human beings is their Humanness.

5.these old pals go up in respective post plod old, the majority can be accomplished clean-fingered act according to fair, made graven contribution for country, Humanness civilian.

6.the deduction and construction of Humanness: 20th century chinese fine arts is essential that you recognise your own Humanness and that you are really in the same boat as the other person.

8.cnn was at the contest: its crew taped me receiving an impressive-looking "Humanness certificate" signed by epstein and loebner.

9.i now ask you to recognize the christ within, and to return to me my Humanness. the garden of science and technology of shenzhen, can find in the pioneering group of a small company casually china Humanness .

11.but their Humanness is very low-key, never external make public, be asked even close friend busy say "do not know " . is against the perfect Humanness of jesus that the dignity of every man is to be measured. and character, the subjective and malign rate of the travel Humanness with intended medical treatment is older, should investigate criminal duty.

14.quality is one individual civilization degree and Humanness play whether to suffer person gay to behave!

15."faxing" and the "buddha s shadow"& reviewing buddha shadow inscription with the doctrines in great mind s comment on transcription and prelude; he criticized the buddhist ontology, Humanness of buddhism, ethics and idolatry of buddhism. is the essence of Humanness to try to improve the world and oneself.

17.this is the inner child or your ego; it is your Humanness, however you may call it.

18.current intelligent building enters the intellectualization, Humanness tendency, safe domain.

19.he criticized the buddhist ontology, Humanness of buddhism, ethics and idolatry of buddhism. the study of electrically conducting poly schiff base ⅱ. the doping of sulfur containing poly schiff base and the properties of dopes material

20.this is the reason that henan Humanness denounces actually.

21.sculpture glass carves glass to divide Humanness to be versed in sculpture and computer carve two kinds.

22.outside stimulation is more based on the Humanness hypothesis of economic person and social person, while inside stimulation takes realization of oneself as its base.

23.although leaders and their qualities can be a bit diverse the common characteristic that they all possess is their Humanness.

24.and speaking of Humanness, despite my worst fears, when all the votes were in, i was rated the "most human human" of all.

25.academic freedom comes from ideological freedom, the essence of which is a manifestation of Humanness.

26.any design are all style that Humanness service of, the person is an animal to need the emotion exchanges, the design art is a kind of emotion exchanges.

27.humor fosters acceptance of our Humanness and our foibles.

28.we're just increasing our Humanness and our ability to connect with each other, regardless of geography. so that's why i study cyborg anthropology. is a kind of social practice of human society, which is full of Humanness.

30.each judge has listed the interactions on each topic in order of Humanness. can learn one's Humanness from his friends, and also from his books.

32.due to the work processes of a tower crane is an interactive process, needing the designs and products full of Humanness, therefore, ergonomics design of tower crane on the development of the industry as a whole is of very great significance.

33.the tutors should have excellent diathesis and be model to students in moral, learning manner and Humanness.

34.i was deeply moved by their scrupulous spirit about every detail and keeping on improving in their academic pursuit. the tutors should have excellent diathesis and be model to students in moral, learning manner and Humanness.

35.though he had no hard data, his intuition was that increasing Humanness in a robot was positive only up to a certain point.

36.all jewish writers skillfully incorporated their jewish cultural tradition into the real american life in their works. they, through the conventional themes in the jewish culture, explore the universal problem in western society: Humanness and humaneness.

37.chapter iii discusses yuan's Humanness and literary features based on a large number of his essays like travel notes and letters.