Humanly Sentence Examples | Use Humanly in a sentence

1.the doctors did all that was Humanly possible.

2.the gloominess of women was utterly explored and jeers were made at their reasonable Humanly deeds.

3.again we realise that this was impossible, Humanly speaking, as sarai was barren. is impossible, Humanly speaking, for our young and inexperienced sisters to do what they do but for the fact that we are just instruments to do god's work.

5.they got as far as was Humanly possiblebefore turning back.

6.we need to grow as fast as Humanly possible right now, because the opportunity is right now.

7.we are among the most privileged fans of all time to have such a dedicated, hard working, super-Humanly talented player.

8.the subject matter is so extensive that full coverage is not Humanly possible. is actually Humanly impossible to go through all this data and use the traditional hypothesis inference model to glean any value out of all of it.

10.we will deal with the matter as soon as is Humanly possible. is Humanly possible to develop renewable energy.

12.what we are trying to achieve is a mote Humanly satisfying life for more people.

13.people-oriented means that in the process of aids prevention we should respect, protect and come true the individual right, resolve the aids problem Humanly.

14.they had done everything Humanly possible for their son. is not Humanly possible to lift the weight.

16.because i want what's about to happen to you, to hurt as much is as Humanly possible.

17.i love the passion he has for football. if it were Humanly possible i would like to have him always by my side.'s not Humanly possible to work so quickly. is not only inappropriate to just pick a few places from the huge expanse of the world but also Humanly impossible.

20.happiness is not dependent on material wealth and it was this lesson that eventually led me to question the american dream, a dream of gaining as much money, power and status as Humanly possible. do realize that it isn't Humanly possible for us to finish by next week?

22.because you don't know how to love rationally, Humanly, you want somebody to tell you what to do;

23.a mother is not allowed to be Humanly flawed; she has to be perfect.

24.institutions are the rules of the game of a society or more formally are the Humanly-devised constraints that structure human interaction. a general way, apparently, Humanly speaking, the sum of energy produced is always greater than the sum necessary for its production.

26.integrity: do what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it, as often as Humanly possible. work as hard as Humanly possible while trying to unsettle fellow students by claiming to have done nothing at all.

28.without him, Humanly speaking, we would have no bible, no christian experience, no understanding of god's word and no power.

29.and i shall probably Humanly combust with all the excitement! ! ! ! i love and cherish you! in gratitude. xxx.

30.i'd love to find out if it's Humanly possible to reach a ton.

31.besides, solve the aids problem Humanly can also bring the incrementally constructive effect to our society. of the players declared that it was not "Humanly possible" to hit finch's pitches.

33.he couldn't Humanly refuse to help her.

34.she has gained a reputation for creating books as perfect as is Humanly possible

35.even ten years ago, many of the sports records recently achieved would have been thought not Humanly possible. reason this doesn't happen more is managerial laziness: it's easier to find a 'superwoman' to lead marketing ( someone who will work as long as Humanly possible) than it is to design work around discrete projects.

37.of or relating to Humanly audible sound.

38.practice, of course, makes perfect . . . and you want to be as good at what you want to do as Humanly possible. made us better at what we do than was ever Humanly possible.

40.and i did everything Humanly possible within my power to keep him on a treatment regimen, but, alas, to no avail.